Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012


It's Memorial Day and first and foremost I want to say how incredible every single man and woman that has ever and will ever serve our country is! I can't imagine how hard it is on all the families that suffer for months and years even without seeing their loved ones! I watch those coming home videos of servicemen and women coming home to their families and I cry like a baby every time! 

We are spending this Memorial Day at home relaxing, except for Andy who had to work :( We had a very eventful weekend with Andy's birthday and my mom coming to visit this weekend. We went to the pool on Sunday and had a blast!!!! We swam, ate, and sun tanned til we were crispy and exhausted! A quick dinner for Andy's birthday at our local Mexican restaurant and we were out for the night! 

It was a perfect day :) 

I am frantically cleaning, organizing, packing and preparing for our family beach trip coming up this week! :) There will a LONG blog when we return about all our fun!! 

I am excited that is officially SUMMER!!! Let the good times roll! :)

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