Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo A Day May: Day 7 & 8 AND a major project DONE!

Still doing to photo a day series and I'm still loving it!!!

Day 7 : take a photo of someone who inspires you! 

               Obviously my beautiful son Hensley inspires me daily! He inspires me to
 have fun, be silly, better myself and be someone Hensley will be proud to call "mom"! 

Day 8: take a photo of a smell you love

Today was a school day for Hensley so I was out and about in Randolph County and as I rode with the windows down and the radio I realized just how much I love the smell of the COUNTRY :) Its very calming and serene :) 

Ok, now on the project that has invaded and consumed the Whitt home for the past few weeks. Since we moved in there have been SEVERAL things I have despised!!! And we have done little things over the 4 years we have been here like landscaping, painting and changing out some fixtures. But, our front walkway has always been an eye sore and something I was DYING to change!! The dilemma was I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, until, PINTEREST! TOTALLY ADDICTED!!!

So here is what I have been forced to look at all these years:
Hideous I know!! We had random little square stepping stones with a skinny path that has has mulch rocks and now just dirt! It was AWEFUL!

So I seen this idea and link on Pinterest a while back and my wheels got to turning!!

So we looked at LOWES and found this mold that was really cute! 

Got concrete! 

And surprisingly it started off well. Really well!!!!!

After a week (delay for rain) and lots of work sweat and aggervation it's DONE!!!!

We added red mulch down each side and white pavers on the side to separate the mulch from the grass. I think it looks amazing!! I am so happy with the results! Just can't wait til we get our front porch built :) :) 

Such an improvement! :) On the next pinterest project...Hensleys Bathroom!!!! :) 

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