Saturday, May 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

1. I have been VERY VERY slack with blogging and this week my number one thing is that I promise myself to be more consistent!!!! :)

2. This picture was taken a few weeks ago via my iPhone and I love it :) It reminds me daily of the beauty that surrounds me daily that often goes unnoticed. A big thing I have tried to do more of in recent months is to see the things around that are often missed because I am buried in my phone, computer or every day things. 

3. This weekend is Andy's 27th birthday so we celebrated with a little family cookout on Saturday with my mom :) It was one of those evenings where we just relaxed and spent time together and had a great time :) Andy had been wanting some Oakleys for a while and Hensley and I got him a pair :) The perfect pair :) 

4. This week Hensley had his last day of school party. It was an ice cream social and the kids had a blast. It was a very bittersweet day...sad to know he will not be with those teachers and those friends every week but also happy to know he is growing and moving up next year. His teacher next year will be his teacher from the one year old room (who we absolutely adore!!!:) 

a book I bought for all Hensleys teacher to sign from preschool til senior year :) and plan to give to him for a gift when he graduates :) 

Ice Cream 

Hensley and his friend Ella 

Side note: He fell on the way out of school in the parking lot and was left with a small scratch on his his eyes it requires a band aid and no use of that hand! HAHAHA

5.  Just to dote on myself a little: my skin is having a GREAT few weeks! Thanks skin :) 

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