Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch UP!

Doing a little catch up blog tonight. I have been busy with tee ball, Mother's Day, and everyday stuff. So first lets catch up on Photo A Day for the Month of May :)

Day 9: a picture of something you do everyday! 

I clean everyday but the big thing for me is beds being made :) so here you have it... little man's bed.... MADE! :)

Day 10: a word you love 
Day 11: picture of a kitchen
mine :) 

Day 12:  a picture of something that makes you happy
my family always makes me happy 

Day 13: a picture of  MOM
1985 me and my momma :) 

Day 14: grass 
                                                                  not to exciting today :)

Day 15: LOVE

The truest of loves :)

Day 16: what you are reading

what am I NOT reading lol 

Day17:  A snack! 


Day 18: something you made!

the closest thing to perfect ;) Hensley 2 days old!

Day 19: favorite place
my bed!

Day 20: something you can't live without: 


Day 21: Where I Stand

beside my boy....always!

Day 22: PINK!

my new shorts :)

Day 23: Technology

locating my husband :) gotta love my Iphone 

Day 24: Something New

Hensleys book that I started this year getting his teachers to sign this year and ever year until Senior Year when he'll receive it as a gift :) 

Day 25: Unusual
Me and Sophie getting an afternoon nap! 

Day 26: 12o'clock
waiting for mom outside the dressing room!

day 27: something sweet

nothing sweeter then Hensley and Granny

Day 28: The weather today:

cloudy this am...but surprisingly SUNNY this afternoon!

This past weekend we had my step children and it was Hailey's 6th birthday! :) So we celebrated and had a great time. Hailey and Kevin are both special to me and at the same time it has been a struggle for me as well. There is a blog in the near future about all that! :) Now for the fun!!

The kids had a great time. They played baseball...hula hooped...and we all went out for Mexican to celebrate Haileys 6th birthday :) 

The kids always have a blast together and its amazing to see the true and unconditional love they have for each other. 

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