Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year

It's a holiday wrap post! :) Christmas has come and gone. It was lovely, magical, and very memorable. This year was special. Hensley loves everything Christmas. He is a huge fan of Santa and our little Elf on the shelf. He loves baking cookies and helping put up the Christmas tree. The house being all decorated and lights flashing, Christmas music blaring, it's all so much more fun with a little one who believes in it with his whole heart. I know there will be a day where the magic starts to dwindle but until then I am loving it and taking full advantage of it.

One of my favorite pictures of Hensley this season was this one :) He was so happy ;)

This year there were so so many Christmas-y activities. First was the annual Christmas Parade! IT was FREEZING!

Then we hit up the Disney On Ice show:

Talk about magical!
Everyone was amazed!

A little tree lighting festival and some ice sledding :) 

This was probably one of my favorite holiday outings and one we will continue for a long time to come!


An old friend returned and he was so happy to see Benny!!

We decorated our trees :) Our big family tree and and Hensley's small tree for his room. 


I LOVED our wrapping paper this year :) And the fact that Hensley wrote out all the name tags made it even better :) 

Hensley, Andy and I went to see Frozen to see what all the hype was about it...it DID NOT disappoint! 

But first we of course have to stop by our favorite place to grab dinner and take a selfie :) I love little nights like this where it's just the three of us :) 

The annual Birthday Party for Jesus at Hensley's school was so fun this year :) Uncle Brandon went with us and it was bittersweet that this will be our last year here celebrating here. 

We celebrated Chad's 30th birthday :) We had a blast having dinner and visiting the hooka bar. 

We started a few new traditions this year but one of my favorites was our gift exchange with the Williams' family :) 

We also hosted our annual neighborhood Christmas party which is always a blast. We buy for the kids, eat awesome food and catch up with everyone. 

I had asked Hensley to stay our of the M&M's but I think it was just too tempting.

We did our yearly evening where we took our family photo in front of the tree and opened gifts from each other :)  It's out little time before Christmas Eve and Christmas day get crazy with all the activities and family.
We wanted to get a pic with the dogs so bad this year.....this is the best one we got! :) 

He was so so so happy to get this game!!!

We were having such a great time I did not take too many pictures but this is by far my favorite day of the holiday season :)