Sunday, September 30, 2012

Myrtle Beach 2012 Trip

Ok...remember when I said we were going on a beach vacation.... like 5 months ago?!?!? Well....I have finally had the time to blog about it! :) It's long  (sorry!) but we had so many memories made and fun times..AND PICTURES to share!

We took a family vacation with some close family friends of ours to Myrtle Beach, SC in May and it was for lack of a better word .... AWESOME!! We went for 4 days and 4 nights and it was just an all around great time! I took HUNDREDS of photos and we did a ton of great things so this post may be a little long! Sorry but I am a photo addict and I just can't help myself :) Here goes the memories :)

The ride down there early Wednesday morning was very dreary, cloudy, and wet! Not the best weather to get you in the mood for the beach but by the time we got down there it was BEAUTIFUL!

We spent most of the first day unpacking and getting settled in ( we are not those type of people who go to the beach and leave our clothes all in suitcases! If there are dressers I am filling them! I always feel more at home! ) Our friends had left later that afternoon to head down so we just hung out as a family and spent some time on the beach! :) I always wonder with Hensley being so young what he actually "remembers" and not from one year (or week!) to the next! We have went to the beach every year since he was born and he has always loved it! And for the first time this year when we arrived he seemed to really have remembered it! He was so excited and curious about everything!

we have arrived!

couldn't have been more gorgeous 


finding shells
That afternoon The Hayes' had arrived and we were more then ready to spend some quality time with them!!!! We went to a little restaurant on the strip that had great food and a great view :)

Hensley was not too hungry but was more then happy to lay on the back of the booth and look at the ocean

Katelynn was so excited :) 

Later that evening we all decided to hit the indoor pool and have some fun!

Great way to start off our trip :)

I woke up SUPER early the next day because I love those mornings at the beach before anyone else is up! 
These two kept snoozing for a while :)

Easy to wake up to this view!

Day 2 was spent on the beach and by the pool! :) It was so fun and relaxing to just watch Hensley run around and swim in the ocean with Andy (I don't do the ocean!!) We went out early and it was low tide which is the BEST time to go with little ones! SO many little pools of water and shells everywhere! When I look back at vacations years from now when Hensley is so much more grown these are the moments I'll remember. Not the shopping or the dinners, but the time we just hung out on the beach seeing his little face fascinated with every aspect of it! Total amazement and joy!!!!

We left the beach and hit up the water park and pool that the hotel had. They had rides, a lazy river and little pools for the kids. It was so much fun!

After a full morning and afternoon of non stop fun and swimming it was time for some down town. Henlsey thinks nap time at the beach is a SIN so we just spent time hanging out relaxing and playing on the Iphones :)

Dinner time!!!We went to a popular restaurant in the area called Dick's Last Resort where the waiters are rude to you and the atmosphere is crazy! It was an experience to say the least but it was a great time. We had never been before but our friends assured us it was a lot of fun! And it was!!!


We all got hats with some crazy saying, the good was awesome, the atmosphere was hilarious and the kids got glow cups! Success!

We had planned to go to the amusement park that night to ride some rides since our hotel had included an all access pass to it for our whole stay there but.......

Hensley was done for the day!

It was a great day at the beach and an awesome time that evening for Andy and I to sit, relax, and enjoy each others company :) 

Another early morning out on the beach before it got blazing hot and crowed. Finding shells, building sand castles, and watching sea gulls. Then off to the pool where we spent most of the day! Our hotel had 6 pools so we never got bored :) 


hot tub time! :) 

it cracks me up that even under water when Hensley sees a camera he poses! 

holding hands ;) 

We hit up a local water park that day too but I failed to take my camera....and honestly it wasn't much to brag about! 
That evening we went on a little adventure just us three. We went to the hotel restaurant for dinner and to the pier. The pier is something we always love to do just us and hang out and see the sights. We went to Second Ave Pier which we had never been too before. There was a strom coming in and it was VERY windy but it was so fun to see what everyone was catching and watching Hensley run up and down the pier.
There was some beautiful shots because of the storms!!

thanks wind for the giant hump on my back! haha

Since the rain was coming in fast we spent the rest of the evening in the arcade :) Henlsey LOVED IT!

This was our last full day at the beach...Bummer :(  But we had a blast! The storm clouds were still lingering from the night before but it wasn't raining so we hit the beach for one last hoorah!

That evening was dinner and drinks with our pals and off to the amusement park! :) 
The dinner was a little dive place with great food and awesome drinks! We had a great view!

We took a few pictures on the boardwalk and headed to the amusement park for one last night of fun!!!

Hensley and pals

we rode the water log ride....and were terrified...

thankful we survived!!

Me and Hensley werent brave enough for these but it was fun to watch everyone else :)

We hit the arcade and were totally wore out!

And here are some random Iphone photos we shot along the way! 

A few of my favorite shots of the kids are below :) 

So there you have it ... our 2012 family vacation. There will never be another like it and I'll treasure it in my heart forever. We had so much fun but we were completely exhausted when we got home! Already looking forward to next years summer vacation adventure....hint hint....OUTER BANKS!!!!!!