Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Snowmageddon 2017!

Welcome to our winter wonderland! 

We got our first snow fall of 2017 and it did NOT disappoint! 
Not only did it fall on a weekend, which is always good as far and work and school schedules go, but it brought a lot of snow! No ice or sleet or mess just all white fluffy powder snow! Nine inches of it!!!

Hensley was so excited! The weatherman had been predicting for over a week and each day the totals got a little higher! It started Friday night around 7 and honestly it was hard for any of us to go to sleep that night. We were all elated to see how much snow would be waiting for us in the morning!

Hensley and Nate could not contain their excitement and had to get in a
 little trampoline fun in the snow as soon as it started falling!

In true Hensley fashion he was up early and to say he was excited was an understatement! 

I think he was most surprised that it was hard for us to even open our front door!!

We spent the morning watching the snow still falling and eyeing all the different birds that were visiting our bird feeder! There were lots of finches, robins, and a really big blue jay, but Hensley's favorite by far was the male cardinals.

We had a lovely family breakfast and then settled in to watch "The Secret Life of Pets" until the snow stopped!

I had been a little concerned the night before that the bowl we sat out to collect snow for snow cream would get filled.....I was very wrong!

We finally ventured out around 11 that morning and it was cold! I think the weather app on my phone said it felt like 13!!! BRRRRR! The pups couldn't take it long, so before they went in I tried to snap a few photos. Olivia absolutely loves the snow but it was a little cold, even for her!

Poor little Sophie, the snow was up to her neck!
Meanwhile, Olivia ran around like a crazy dog!

Ok, Ok, the dogs are cute and all but let's get on to the real star of this show!!! HAHA!

Hensley LOVED the snow!!!

The boys are always most excited about the snowball fights and the sledding! But this snow was so fluffy that it was almost impossible to sled. Maybe after it gets a little more packed down! 
They were very satisfied building their snow fort walls for protection for the upcoming snowball fight!

The boys played Santa....guess who was Santa and who was Rudolph! HAHAHA!

After all the fun I started a crock pot full of chili and we ventured out to check out the road conditions and see more snow! It was beautiful!


And this is how you finish out an exciting snow day.....if you are a spoiled rotten dog!

It was a super fun day but we all knew that almost 10 inches of snow wasn't going away anytime soon!

Day 2 of Snowmageddon 2017!!

We played in the snow and since the fluffy snow had become a little more icy it was a great day for sledding! Hensley was seriously fascinated by all the icicles. He ran around trying to find the biggest one!

He also wanted to try and sled standing up and he did awesome. We are trying to plan a trip to try out snowboarding in February during his academic break.

We went to the local elementary school which has the perfect hill for sledding!

We ended this super fun day of playing in the snow with a little sleepover with Hensley's friend Aden. He has wanted Aden to spend the night forever, so we built a fort and hung out until well after midnight playing video games and riding the hoverboard!

Day 3 of Snowmageddon 2017 and we have started to get a little cabin fever. Even though we had been out to sled and play it was time to get dressed get out of the house for a few hours. It was still frigidly cold, 19 degrees, but we got up ran some errands and went out to our favorite restaurant for lunch.
I gotta say day 3 was a pretty amazing day. Andy let me sleep in until 11 AM, seriously I must have been exhausted! I had woke up several times that morning and thought I should get up but everytime I woke up I heard Hensley and Andy laughing and playing in the living room. I knew they really needed some one on one time so I took full advantage and went right back to sleep. 

We were all in just a seriously awesome mood. I don't know if we were all happy to be out of the house or what but we all just laughed and had the best time with each other all day long.

Once we got home we played some card games and finally broke out the game, Pie Face. Hensley got it for Christmas and it was a blast to play. This is will definitely be played a lot more!

This little snow break was so nice. It sort of forced us to slow down, focus on each other, and really create some memories! We often find ourselves so busy all week and then on the weekends, rushing from here to there to get things done. It was so great to have no school, no work and no where to be. We watched movies everyday together, laughed til we cried, and made memories to look back on. Things like this always make me sad to see Hensley growing up fast but I am so very blessed to have such a happy healthy little boy and a great husband by my side through everyday life. 

With all these snow day pictures and seeing this little memory pop up on my phone this weekend, I just had to share!

Friday, July 29, 2016

And we have a SECOND GRADER!!!!!

I am not sure how I am even old enough to say that!!?!!

Second grade seems so big and grown up! 
Our little  BIG guy is off to second grade!
He is practically a pro at this whole school thing!

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to be in Mrs. Cottle's class again this year. She looped up to the 2nd grade and all of us parents got to choose if we wanted to loop up with her. Needless to say it was a unanimous decision for the whole class. Having the same AWESOME teacher in the same classroom with all the same friends (plus a few new ones too!) has made the last few weeks leading up to 2nd grade pretty easy!

There wasn't as many nerves or anxiousness from Hensley or us in the weeks before school started.

We had a great open house and even though we were in the same room his teacher had totally transformed it into a camping theme and it looked AWESOME!

This really made Hensley excited to start!!!

We took our yearly first day of school pictures :) He is getting so big!!!

Just look how much older he looks from last year :(

We had a nice little talk on the way to school. He was excited for everything. I thought for myself this year would be super easy because we had done it so many times before......however it wasn't. I cried all the way home :(

I went to school on the second day and had lunch with Hensley and his sweet friend Noah :) 

Going back to school also means we get to see all the early morning glory :)

The first week of school was amazing! Hensley has been dressing himself and he clearly doesn't care if his shoes match his outfit! He is getting so big and we are so proud all his amazing talents and abilities. He is so smart and independent. We pray for him every day to continue to have a good heart, follow GOD, and do his best in everything he tries.

Can't wait to see what 2nd grade has in store for our sweet boy!

**Update: The next two weeks of school came with lots of fear and anxiety. We were not sure where it was coming from but he would be very nervous the night before and we even had a few mornings with tears. He had one morning where he had a full blown panic attack in the drop off line. We spent lots of time talking about his fears (which most of the time it came out that he was afraid I would not be ok while he was gone or that something would happen to me while he was gone.) We did a lot of reassuring and giving extras hugs. We also did a lot of distracting in the mornings looking out the windows at things or talking about video games so he didn't have time to think about the day ahead. It finally did pass and his teacher was super helpful. She would allow him to come in the class room each morning and play on the computer instead of going into the gym with the entire student body. This was so great for him because he could be alone and also focus on something else for a little bit. We were very blessed to have her and are so thankful that he has now moved past it :)