Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer is over...time to officially remember what day of the week it is!

Last night was Open House at Hensley's school. I had been thinking it would be so much easier then last year because we are so familiar with the school and how it works. We also have met so many new friends there and are so comfortable with the staff so I am totally thinking the last few weeks, "This is going to be a breeze this year. No nerves. No shyness. All smooth sailing." 

Eh. I was a little wrong. 

I was so emotional when it came time to go last night. I have no idea why but my heart was racing and my stomach was in knots. I am such a creature of habit. Change is the worst thing to me. I am that person who would live in the same house my whole life. Always go to the same place for vacation. Etc. So going in to this year not knowing his teacher or who would be in his class I was nervous. 

Everything went great. I did feel a lot more comfortable when we got there. And Hensley seemed very happy to be there again. He couldn't wait to see his friends. Being outgoing like he is he already knew a lot of other kids from the other kindergarten classes from last year on the playground. 

He got the "new teacher" this year which in my gut I had a feeling the past few weeks he would get. She is new to his school but not new to teaching. She has been a teacher for 13 years and has 3 children of her own. We loved loved loved Ms. Spaeth last year but I think this will also be a great year in a much different way. I think the fact that she has so much experience and also has that "motherly instinct" will make for a great school year. She was extremely nice and hospitable and So organized! :) Her classroom is also HUGE compared to the classroom Hensley was in last year so the kids won't be so on top of each other which will be nice. 

We checked out his desk and cubby and of course found out which ones of his friends were in his class. Luckily he got several friends from last year in his class which he was very happy about but the icing on the cake was that his very best friend in there :) I think any nerves he had were subsided when he seen Noah was in his class again! Also this year he got MaryBeth, Magnus, Brandon, James, Patrick and  Vella in his class. All really great kids who he was excited to see again. He was excited to see the principle and lots of the staff :) 

I have prayed that Hensley will be placed in a classroom with a teacher and classmates that will lift him and encourage him. That he will be in a place that is fun yet structured. A place where the can flourish and shine as well as learn and grow to be the best he can be. 

I feel nervous and scared but I also feel blessed to have him at such an amazing school with great expectations and the tools to get him to the top. I think a lot of my nerves and emotions are because it's time for change again. It's time to let him spread his wings a little wider. As a mother you always hear "The days are long but the years are short". I find these words ring true for me. He is off to do great things, I know that, he is independent and smart. He is so funny and people who are around him always have a smile on their faces. 

I am blessed to have a healthy boy with nothing holding him back to succeed. All of that doesn't make it easier to watch him walk down that hall.  

Until next Tuesday we are going to try and have a lot of fun and spend as many mornings as we can just like this :) 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"I love you Daddy"

Happy Father's Day!!!
This Father's Day in our home we are thankful for a wonderful man who loves us conditionally and who works incredibly hard to provide for our family. He is always there to help someone in need and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. 

Hensley adores in him so much and looks up to him as much as any little boy could to his Dad. He wakes us every morning and asks if it's a day that Daddy has to go to work. The days he is off he spends wrestling with Hensley or playing video games. They go fishing and play pool together. I would say in our home we have a pretty good balance of "mom play time" and "dad play time". Hensley is perfectly content to play a board game with me or help me with chores but when Daddy is home he is all about playing basketball or having a Nerf gun fight!

We spent the day waking up to gifts :) We got Andy a ticket to Beerfest with his good friend Chad for Father's Day so all the other gifts were handmade :)

We made him a shadow box to put his beer tops in. I seen the idea online and once it starts to get filled up with different colored ones it looks really cool! Hensley loved doing the super hero hand print hanging and the "king of the grill" platter :) He got a really awesome card with a real koozie that acutally whistles "Don't worry, Be happy." He loved it :)

We went to church with my family and Grandpa a little early for breakfast and a great service :)

We were going to go to lunch with our friends afterwards but on a whim we all decided to pack up the kids and head to the pool! The guys work so much that they never get a chance to go so it was the perfect Sunday to hit the water slide.

 And it was totally worth skipping lunch! The guys had a great time, more fun then the kids I think. It was very relaxing and a day we will never forget for sure. It was nice just enjoying our little family and our friends.

We grabbed some Brixx Pizza on the way home and cuddled on the couch for the rest of the evening.

We did a lot of fun things for the special day but with all the "things" nothing means more then the people we spent it with and the memories we have them. I am so thankful to have such special in my life who love me and who love Hensley. I know it was hard for Andy who is missing his Dad this year but we know he is watching over us always. It's also hard for me because we love my Grandpa and spent time with him at church but I failed to take any pictures and I always wonder in the back of my mind and hope it's not our last Father's day with him. We love him so much!

Happy father's day!! You didn't have to take the role in my life that you did but you chose to and I am forever grateful to you for that. You always love me, encourage me, and are there for me any time i need you. You are not only a great dad to me but also Andy. And you are an even better pawpaw! Hensley loves you so much. He misses you badly when are gone. You always make him laugh smile emoticon thank you for loving us! We love you so much!!!!!!!!

Happy father's day andy. We love you to the moon and back. Hensley adores you. You are his hero. I love how close you are to him and I love seeing his face light up when you come home every evening from work. I couldn't ask for a better father for my son. We love you smile emoticon

Friday, June 26, 2015

Beach Bound 2015 (Memorial Day Weekend) Part 1

Usually we head out to our favorite little beach spot in July for a few days of paradise. This year however with Hensley going back to school so early (July 28th this year!) and with Andy getting 5 days off of work unexpectedly we decided that even though it was a holiday weekend, we were going for it!

Off we went with little to no planning, a quick call to the best beach hotel EVER and our room was booked and our gas tank full. We were off for 4 days of pure beach bliss!

On the long drive down!

So worth it! This place is paradise.

Did not take us 2 minutes to hop in the pool!

We loved just hanging out by the pool, getting in some beach time and getting dinner at Uncle Vinny's. We were so glad to be at our little piece of paradise. 

Day two was BEAUTIFUL! We didn't see a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky the whole we were at the beach in fact! We decided to take this day and ride the ferry over to Southport to see what it had to offer and eat some great lunch! 

It was a beautiful ride over on the ferry. It was perfect weather :) After a one hour ride over we arrived at Southport.

Southport was recently named the number one happiest seaside town in America. It's a quiet town with lots of great seafood restaurants and awesome little shops. It was pretty busy considering it was a holiday weekend. We had eat at a little place called Provision and Company a few years back and it was so good we decided to go again, despite the one hour wait for a table. There is no lack of beautiful spots in Southport so we grabbed a cold drink and took a stroll to look around.

The hour flew by and soon it was time to EAT!!!

Our view was awesome but I think we were so hungry we were a bit delirious so .... we took selfies :)

We ate tons of crab cakes and peel and eat shrimp and enjoyed each other and the beautiful view.

Soon it was time to say goodbye and head back to the ferry.... only one was full! 

Instead of waiting an hour for the next one we decided to use that hour to shop :) Hensley got some really cute toys and I got some pretty awesome Christmas ornaments. Something I have started to do when we visit a new place or go on vacation I try to get an Christmas ornament to remember our trip. I think it will be awesome to decorate our tree many years from now and it covered in ornaments from all the adventures we have been on! 

Unfortunately, when we got back for the next ferry it was also full. We realized it was best to stay in line and wait out the hour for the next one. Luckily we had some sweet taffy to pass the time. We spent a lot longer then we intended to at Southport and we were more then ready to get back to the island.

Hensley was so ready to just be back at the hotel relaxing in the hot tub. If you can't tell from the picture below. 

Part two coming soon!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Throwbacks Volume 1 and Mother's Day 2015

Since I regrettably started this blog late (around the time Hensley was 2 and half) I have so many memories and things I wanted to include on here. I so wish I had started it sooner, I really wish I had started it when I found out I was pregnant. But since I didn't I am going to try and post random throwbacks of memories photos and little things from a time long past.  

So here's the first edition. Since Mother's day is this weekend I wanted to go back to my first Mother's day as a mother :) It was a special time and one I'll never forget! 

Hensley was a month old :)

Poor little guy was so jaundice in the beginning. 

Got to not only spend my first Mother's day with this cutie but he also decided it was a great time to show me his first smile and lucky for me it I had my camera handy.

We visited with family and everyone got to enjoy our sweet little boy!

Uncle Brandon with Hensley...I do believe this was the first time he held a baby. He got alot better along the way. 

My sweet grandma couldn't have loved him more! 

I just remembering being so thankful to have him in my arms that day :) 

Fast forward 6 years later.......

Hensley and Andy had been working on a secret project for a few days prior to Mother's Day and he was working on it very intensely!

I woke up on Mother's day with Hensley's little face leaned over into mine, eyes bright and already saying "Happy Mother's Day!"

I finally got to see his secret project and his beautiful handmade card.

In addition to my handmade gifts I was given a new dress and AMAZING shoes :) Time for church!

We had a great service at church and an amazing lunch with our families afterward :) It was nice to just spend time together and talk and make memories.

We came home just spent time together and played the new Pokemon game Hensley got that day from Uncle Brandon :) It was great just being with the people I love.

This year my mom wasn't here with us because her and my step dad are still in Texas. It brought up a range of emotions not being with her on this special. Hopefully she will be here next Mother's Day to celebrate with us.

Luckily for me Mother's Day didn't end on Sunday. Hensley's Mother's Day breakfast at school was on Monday. It was so cute. They had a huge spread for all the mother's and their children. They sang the cutest little song and made us some really really special gifts :)

Hensley really worked hard this year to make me feel special and he did a fabulous job at it. He told me how much he loved me so much over the weekend and he was extra cuddly :) It was truly a special few days.

Happy mothers day to all the amazing mothers out there that I am blessed to know. The day I became a mother changed my life for the better forever. I can't remember life before him and I treasure every moment with him. Waking up this morning with his sweet little face and bed head leaning over me whispering "happy mothers day mommy" is priceless and I am forever grateful to God to trust me with this precious gift of my son. Happy mothers day smile emoticon