Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Birth Story

I figured since it was Hensleys birthday it might be a good idea to go back and now three years later recount how he came into this world!

Hensley's due date was April 1st and the entire time I was pregnant I totally believed he would come early! Well come the morning of March 31st I thought...."Maybe NOT!". That morning Andy was not in town and neither was my dad so I was secretly hoping today would not be THE DAY. I had just finished chatting with a few of my friends who dont live close by anymore about how things were going with the pregnancy and my anxious arrival of our little boy when I started to feel...a different kind of pain! Toward the end of pregnancy everything hurts but this was a very different feeling. I was around 10 am and I though to myself if these pains are still around in 30 minutes I'll call my mom. I had had a lot of pains the week before that but they never lasted too long. Well, I never made it 30 minutes. The pain got so bad I called my mom at 10:15.

Now if you know my mom she is very.....hmmmmm...what's the word.....theatrical :) And I mean that in the best possible way! To say she was very excited to meet her grandson would be a major understatement!!! It took her all of 30 seconds to get to my house and off we went. I had went the hospital once before thinking it was time and was promptly sent home! So this time I wasn't sure I would  be staying but low in behold I was in labor and dilated 3 cm. This was very very scary to me considering I knew Andy would not be in town until 7 PM at the earliest! I called all my family and friends who had also been awaiting little Hensley's arrival for months. Beside my mom being there Andy's aunt Cathy was there my grandparents who I am insanely close with, my cousin Brandon, and my good friend Jill was there who had offered to take pictures of the labor and delivery for me. We have been friends since 6th grade :)
I was so grateful for all them who kept me calm, made me laugh, held my hands and kept me company that day.

I prayed very hard that day that Hensley would wait til his daddy could be there. My labor was not bad i got an epidural early on and another one at 4pm but by 7:30 it had wore off and the nurses said I was very close to pushing so I was denied another epidural. So "technically" I gave birth naturally :)

Andy arrived at the hospital at 8:15 pm ....10 hours after I went into labor. Even though I know he got there as fast as possible I was a little sad that he had missed the whole day. But was so thankful he was there for the important part! around 9:00 pm I felt an insane need to push and everyone was asked to leave the room except those who were staying for the birth which was my grandma, Andy and Jill. I only pushed for 15 minutes before Hensley took his firsts breath at 9:23 on March 31st 2009. It was an amazing experience and as soon as I seen his face I burst into tears. The only thing I remember at that time was his precious face and my grandma leaning and saying "He's perfect!". (which she still thinks to this day! ) :)

Those next few days were hard recovery wise and getting use to a new baby. I could just stare at him in awe of him for hours. He was and still is an amazing person who taught me how to love, how to be patient, how to be kind. He is the air in my lungs, the joy in my heart and the pain my side.... KIDDING :) He is everything to us. Hensley Cole Whitt is our miracle on that day and everyday after that!

after epidural :) 

the most amazing moment of my life

proud daddy and dr.

our sweet Hensley Cole

our boy :) 

the best feeling ever :) 

our beautiful boy

my mom falling deeper and deeper in love 

Here's to turning 3! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where does time go????

Tonight was spent laying in bed with our little family watching Toy Story 3. All cuddled together happy as can be. Andy had a long Monday back at work so he barely made it 15 minutes into the movie before he was out. That left me and little man. He had no nap and was doing all things possible to avoid CRASH MODE!

He was soon out and I was left all alone. Andy is usually the "carry to bed" guy when Hensley falls asleep in our bed but tonight as I realized it was my job something HIT me!!!

I picked Hensley up to take him to bed and realized.....HE'S BIG!  Big as in "omg when did he get this heavy? When did he get so long? When did he get so ..... grown??!!!!"
Everday life keeps up so busy and seeing him everyday makes me not realize how much he's changed!
I actually CRIED! As thankful as I am that he is growing and thriving each and everyday it's hard to see him become so big, and independent. Each birthday has not really been hard for me because he was still such a baby to me but this year I think it might a little harder.

                                                                                       Hensley at birth

Hensley 3 Months

Henlsey 1 Year

Henlsey 18 Months

Hensley 2 Years

Hensley 24 Months

Hensley 2 1/2 Years 

                                                                           Almost Three!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Its been an eventful few weeks in our home full of changes :) As Hensley's 3rd birthday fastly approaches (only 1 week away now!) he is growing more and more into a little boy instead of a baby! It's bittersweet! He is becoming so independent. Our BIG accomplishment over the past few weeks is POTTY TRAINING :)

I had dreading starting this process because I was not only nervous but..had heard so many people that either A) having a terrible time with it or B) who's kid got it after only one day and were accident free from them on.
I was intimidated to say the least!!!!!

Well reoccuring advise I got from other mom's was to skip pull ups altogether. We had been doing pull ups for a while but Hensley was using them like diapers so they were not really helping with the process. So on Monday March 12th we just stopped with the pull ups and did underwear. And.....he went to the potty like a champ. Like he had been doing it his whole life. I was totally blown away and was completely in denial and told myself  "This must be a fluke, luck even! He will be totally uninterested in this potty thing tomorrow!"

Well tomorrow came he wore underwear and......accident free and went the potty all day. We even went a few outings that day and I was very prepared with extra clothes shoes...everything!!! accidents! He even told me at lunch he had to pee...and he did.. in the potty ! :) Its been almost three weeks now and he's still going strong. He was been in underwear 100 percent (even at preschool) and he has had ONE pee accident :) I am so incredibly proud of him! And the most amazing thing is too see how proud he is of HIMSELF!  Every time he pees he runs out of the bathroom saying "I pee peed in the potty!! COME SEE!!!" :) He has never from the start expected or wanted a treat or reward  he only wants.... a high five :)

Poop on the other hand is a totally different story and we are working on that! He is a nerves/shy pooper and being all exposed on the potty is tough but I know he'll get it and I'll always "COME SEE" :)

               The first independent PEE :)  3/13/12

                   MR. UNDERWEAR :)

       Now for some fun pics from over the past few weeks ;)

a little self portrait 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being a Mother Is......

I came across this video a few days ago on Facebook and thought it was very touching. As mothers we carry so much guilt on a daily bases over things that are really out of our control. With so many "mompetitors" these days it makes it very easy for mothers to feel inadequate. We always feel we have to cook amazing meals every single night, keep a spotless house, well mannered children, up to date on the latest pop culture and news, be crafty, be stylish, WORK!, be involved in EVERYTHING, stay connected with friends....the list is never ending. We strive so hard to be the best and be a super mom when those expectations are impossible. More and more often in today's world when you go out to ask advice about baby food, or sleeping at night, or potty training so many moms, instead of giving uplifting encouraging advice, will telly ou how quickly and easy their children picked up on it or how their children slept through the night from day one, or how they made all their baby food from scratch everyday.

The mommy world is not always easy especially when you also wear the hats of wife, friend, co worker, etc. So when you find something like this video that makes your breathe a little easier knowing you are not alot it feels pretty awesome :)

Enjoy your Thursday! :)


  This is what makes me breathe a little easier each and every day :)