Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Roundup 2015

This month was a busy one. School is in full swing, Andy is busy at work and I am currently working at a bakery part time and going to school to get certified to become a substitute teacher. Whew! I am tired just typing all that. So here is the month of September all wrapped up!!

It was my mom's birthday!!!

To my favorite woman in the whole wide world. I love you mom with my whole heart you taught me many lessons and you are an amazing mother and an even better granny. You love us unconditionally and you are always by my side to support me in anything I do. Your my best friend. I hope you have the most amazing birthday. Enjoy this year because next year you are getting a huge over the hill party!
smile emoticon can't wait to see you next week. Love you

We got her this necklace which is the color of her birth stone and she loved it! 

With school and work being so busy we have fell into a little weekly routine and one of those routines is one requested by Hensley! We have taco Tuesday each week and head out for a trip to the bakery afterward for some ice cream for dessert. We play shadow puppet dinosaur family on the wall each night and read a few chapter of Hensley's new favorite book, The Adventures of Captain Underpants! 

We spent some time at my parents this month hanging out on the back porch grilling out and enjoying each other. This was our view one evening! 

Everyday isn't beautiful but there is beauty in every day. Everyone you meet or come in contact with is fighting a battle of their own. These past few weeks have been tough for various reasons and these last few days have been even tougher. The little things add to be big things and when it seems impossible or too hard to bare all you can do is give it to God and see the beauty in every day. It sounds cliché to say I am blessed but I so am. My mind is Constantly going and thinking and spinning but there comes a time where you must stop put what's important first and drown out all the back ground noise.

On a much sadder note I came across a post I posted several years ago. It really hit home with me again because lately we have been struggling with Hensley about why he can only ride his bike on our street and not across the big road at the intersection like some of the bigger kids in our neighborhood. He gets angry and frustrated at us but one day he will understand!

I shared this story several years ago when Hensley was just a little bitty boy. He wasn't yet at the age of playing in our cul-de-sac with his friends or bring trusted out in the back yard in the wooden areas alone. But now he is at that stage. He has an amazing little group of friends who have become like family to us. We trust our neighbors and our boy and even as quiet and trusting and safe as our little piece of the world may seem I am always out there. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy or over protective but I am always out there when he is out there. Lounging in the front yard or pulling weeds or flipping through a magazine. I like to "see" him. To know where he is and when a moment of quiet goes by I quickly call his name and let him know he has went too far. I know it annoys him and he begs all the time to be able to go to the river in the woods at the end of street or to cross the main road in our neighborhood like the bigger kids. But I can't let him do it. He doesn't understand why but one day he will. This story has always stuck with me and I think of it often and of this mother who struggles daily with the "what ifs". The world has a lot of hate and dangerous things in it these days but it's the little things that we think are so safe or so innocent that creep up and become terrifying. I am forever changed by this mothers story. You can read the blog post here.

Hensley has been asking us for a long time for a watch and every time we went in a store we would check them out and they were never up to par. He was trying to explain what he was looking for and one night at Target, there is was. A watch with way too many buttons for him to understand, but it told time and it lit up. He was sold!

We have been watching A LOT of football. This season cheering on our home team, the Carolina Panthers has been a little more excited because we are UNDEFEATED!!! Hensley loves watching each Sunday and every Monday he insists on wearing his jersey to school! Andy promised him if we hit 10-0 we will by him a new jersery! Here's hoping!!!!

My sweet sweet Grandpa had to get a hernia removed this month that he had been putting off for a while. His surgery went very well but afterward he had a little trouble with his body metabolizing the anesthesia and had to be admitted back into the hospital for a bit to help get him back stable and to clear up some pneumonia he had developed. I am happy to report he is doing fine now but did have to go on oxygen on a daily bases to help his breathing and overall health!    

Taking these guys to visit him really cheered him up and as always they made it a fun time!

Hensley had a little of a rough month. He had strep....twice! Not fun! 

He is feeling much better and has learned that hand washing and mouth covering are very very important! 

Lunch date with my sweet boy. 

The weather has been AMAZING! The afternoons have been warm and sunny and my front yard has pretty much been full of kids and laughter late into the evening.

This little fairy come to see me each afternoon. We chat, we watch the boys be crazy. I love her! 

With Hensley being at school the mornings have been very quiet around here. The dogs are taking full advantage of it and of the morning sun!

September bring Grandparent's day each year. Hensley is blessed with some amazing grandparents. They love him endlessly and each bring a lot to his life. My grandpa is my last living grandparent and I love him very much.

Later in the month I won some tickets to the a outdoor country concert on the radio. It was in Raleigh and we were pretty excited for a little day adventure. It was held at a beautiful venue!!! They had a huge lake and fishing for the kids, corn hole, lots of food trucks and because we got there early were on the first row!!! We had a great time. About midway through though it was dark and a lot of people had been drinking so we decided to head out early. But it was Hensley's first official concert :)

Everyone is already getting ready for Halloween around here!

See you in October!