Monday, June 3, 2013

The view from the picnic table.....

The view from the picnic table at the park today is pretty sweet! It's gorgeous weather with a light breeze and I hear my little boy's laughter in the background. He is happy. He is healthy. He doesn't have a care in the world.

Watching all the news the past few months I have recognize how thankful I am for this view today. 2012 had times that were trying and hard to say the least for myself and my family but it's certainly something I look back on and think, "WOW! We learned a lot and got a lot stronger from all that!"

The occasional lost toy melt down or scraped knee are the worst of our problems right now. We've prayed a lot! Trusted GOD though it all an kept our faith strong.

This little post isn't about how perfect our lives are because it's far from it and our lives are full of ups and downs but for now things are stable! It feels like we are coasting along and it feels nice. It feels good. Hensley is growing by leaps and bounds and learning more and more everyday. He's excelling in baseball and gymnastics. And as hard as it is to see him be so independent and no longer need me as much, it's nice to see a little boy that I am proud to call my own and that I am incredibly proud of.

Andy has been working so hard the last several years to make his way in his career and it's paying off so much for him now. He has worked his was to a position he loves at a company he has always aspired to work at since he started this journey. He is working with amazing people and opening huge doors for his career and I couldn't be more proud of him.

The summer is officially here and we are so excited. Hensley has finished school for this year and I am preparing myself whats to come in the fall....more time away from my boy :( Preschool jumps from only 8 short hours a week to 16! There will be less days for mornings at the park trips and less time to snuggle and watch cartoons in the morning. I'll miss my little buddy so much but I'll find joy in knowing he is with fabulously loving teachers and I'll also be starting some of my own adventures.

We are looking forward to a summer full of pool days and beach trips. More dinners cooked on the grill in the backyard then in the kitchen. Late evenings playing with neighborhood friends. Days of sprinklers and suntans. Being lazy and exploring new places. Time with each other and more memories made.

So as we change seasons here and shift gears in our lives we find ourselves content and happy. Carefree and blessed. Working on building strong roots while at the same time stretching our wings :)

Happy Summer!