Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day 2012


It's Memorial Day and first and foremost I want to say how incredible every single man and woman that has ever and will ever serve our country is! I can't imagine how hard it is on all the families that suffer for months and years even without seeing their loved ones! I watch those coming home videos of servicemen and women coming home to their families and I cry like a baby every time! 

We are spending this Memorial Day at home relaxing, except for Andy who had to work :( We had a very eventful weekend with Andy's birthday and my mom coming to visit this weekend. We went to the pool on Sunday and had a blast!!!! We swam, ate, and sun tanned til we were crispy and exhausted! A quick dinner for Andy's birthday at our local Mexican restaurant and we were out for the night! 

It was a perfect day :) 

I am frantically cleaning, organizing, packing and preparing for our family beach trip coming up this week! :) There will a LONG blog when we return about all our fun!! 

I am excited that is officially SUMMER!!! Let the good times roll! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

High Five for Friday

1. I have been VERY VERY slack with blogging and this week my number one thing is that I promise myself to be more consistent!!!! :)

2. This picture was taken a few weeks ago via my iPhone and I love it :) It reminds me daily of the beauty that surrounds me daily that often goes unnoticed. A big thing I have tried to do more of in recent months is to see the things around that are often missed because I am buried in my phone, computer or every day things. 

3. This weekend is Andy's 27th birthday so we celebrated with a little family cookout on Saturday with my mom :) It was one of those evenings where we just relaxed and spent time together and had a great time :) Andy had been wanting some Oakleys for a while and Hensley and I got him a pair :) The perfect pair :) 

4. This week Hensley had his last day of school party. It was an ice cream social and the kids had a blast. It was a very bittersweet day...sad to know he will not be with those teachers and those friends every week but also happy to know he is growing and moving up next year. His teacher next year will be his teacher from the one year old room (who we absolutely adore!!!:) 

a book I bought for all Hensleys teacher to sign from preschool til senior year :) and plan to give to him for a gift when he graduates :) 

Ice Cream 

Hensley and his friend Ella 

Side note: He fell on the way out of school in the parking lot and was left with a small scratch on his his eyes it requires a band aid and no use of that hand! HAHAHA

5.  Just to dote on myself a little: my skin is having a GREAT few weeks! Thanks skin :) 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This past Sunday was Mother's Day!!!! We went to church with my family and had a great time. Andy, Hensley and I went to lunch and went to visit his mom, then it was home to relax! I even took a little nap :) It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and it was perfect!

I made Mother's Day gifts this year and I think they turned out pretty well :) 

Everyone LOVED them :) 

This post was short and sweet. It was a fantastic day and I am thankful everyday that God gave me the opportunity to be a mother to the most amazing little boy!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

High Five Friday

Ok so it's not Friday but we had alot going on Friday so I totally sort of forgot :) So here goes :)

1. This Friday was our last starter ball game :/ Bittersweet! My grandparents came and Hensley had a great time:) It was a beautiful evening and the kids got snacks, cupcakes and TROPHIES! :) They were all very excited! 

2. Andy and I took Hensley to one of our favorite parks. We played baseball ( OF COURSE!), ran, played in the river and laughed :) It was a perfect afternoon of simple fun :) 

the River :) 

3.  Hensley received a new toy this past week and let's just say...HE LOVES IT!

4. Recently I went through a little health scare with a lump in my breast and it has scared me and worried me for weeks. This week at my appointment I found out all is well and its nothing :) So I feel a huge weight lifted off me. GOD is always looking out for us and I am so incredibly thankful!

5. A few weeks ago for Mother's Day we went to church per my grandmothers request and surprisingly Hensley was amazed by everything and was so well behaved! Well since that Sunday its all he has talked about! So this Sunday as soon as he got up he said "we go to church!". I couldn't resist his genuine eagerness so we went and seeing his face when we pulled up was PRICELESS! He was SO happy to be back there and again sat perfectly still in amazement! It was such a great thing to see and feel. We are very spiritual and speak about Jesus and pray daily, Hensley also attends a Christian preschool so it's def been a part of his daily life. And we had been to church a handful of times since his birth but he was also so clingy and shy around crowds that we let that hold us back about going. But I think church might become a more regular part of our lives and that makes me EXTREMELY happy :)

the cross outside of Christ Way Church! :) 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Catch UP!

Doing a little catch up blog tonight. I have been busy with tee ball, Mother's Day, and everyday stuff. So first lets catch up on Photo A Day for the Month of May :)

Day 9: a picture of something you do everyday! 

I clean everyday but the big thing for me is beds being made :) so here you have it... little man's bed.... MADE! :)

Day 10: a word you love 
Day 11: picture of a kitchen
mine :) 

Day 12:  a picture of something that makes you happy
my family always makes me happy 

Day 13: a picture of  MOM
1985 me and my momma :) 

Day 14: grass 
                                                                  not to exciting today :)

Day 15: LOVE

The truest of loves :)

Day 16: what you are reading

what am I NOT reading lol 

Day17:  A snack! 


Day 18: something you made!

the closest thing to perfect ;) Hensley 2 days old!

Day 19: favorite place
my bed!

Day 20: something you can't live without: 


Day 21: Where I Stand

beside my boy....always!

Day 22: PINK!

my new shorts :)

Day 23: Technology

locating my husband :) gotta love my Iphone 

Day 24: Something New

Hensleys book that I started this year getting his teachers to sign this year and ever year until Senior Year when he'll receive it as a gift :) 

Day 25: Unusual
Me and Sophie getting an afternoon nap! 

Day 26: 12o'clock
waiting for mom outside the dressing room!

day 27: something sweet

nothing sweeter then Hensley and Granny

Day 28: The weather today:

cloudy this am...but surprisingly SUNNY this afternoon!

This past weekend we had my step children and it was Hailey's 6th birthday! :) So we celebrated and had a great time. Hailey and Kevin are both special to me and at the same time it has been a struggle for me as well. There is a blog in the near future about all that! :) Now for the fun!!

The kids had a great time. They played baseball...hula hooped...and we all went out for Mexican to celebrate Haileys 6th birthday :) 

The kids always have a blast together and its amazing to see the true and unconditional love they have for each other.