Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five For Friday!!!!!

It's Friday!!! Which around our house is awesome because Andy's off on Friday's so we make this day a day of family time!!! :) Here's the top five things from this week in my world :)

                                 1     .OBSESSED!!!!! Just started the first book and I'm already hooked!!!

2. Thursday night was spent sitting on our best friends porch in the moon light just sitting, talking, and laughing. It was a great time and a wonderful memory and something that doesn't get to happen to often :) I treasure it! 

3. It been HOT this week, like in the 90's!!!!! So Hensley and I went to Walmart bought a new big pool and   some Popsicles!!! :) We now have a sweet little tan and some cute pics :) 

4. Hensley got a baseball helmet this week and I don't believe he has taken it off yet!!! But he's sooo freaking cute with it on :) 

5. Me and the bestie went to the yardsale of all yardsales last Saturday. 75 homes!!!! It was insane and amazing all at the same time. I am so glad yardsale season is back in action! :) :) 

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