Sunday, May 20, 2012

High Five Friday

Ok so it's not Friday but we had alot going on Friday so I totally sort of forgot :) So here goes :)

1. This Friday was our last starter ball game :/ Bittersweet! My grandparents came and Hensley had a great time:) It was a beautiful evening and the kids got snacks, cupcakes and TROPHIES! :) They were all very excited! 

2. Andy and I took Hensley to one of our favorite parks. We played baseball ( OF COURSE!), ran, played in the river and laughed :) It was a perfect afternoon of simple fun :) 

the River :) 

3.  Hensley received a new toy this past week and let's just say...HE LOVES IT!

4. Recently I went through a little health scare with a lump in my breast and it has scared me and worried me for weeks. This week at my appointment I found out all is well and its nothing :) So I feel a huge weight lifted off me. GOD is always looking out for us and I am so incredibly thankful!

5. A few weeks ago for Mother's Day we went to church per my grandmothers request and surprisingly Hensley was amazed by everything and was so well behaved! Well since that Sunday its all he has talked about! So this Sunday as soon as he got up he said "we go to church!". I couldn't resist his genuine eagerness so we went and seeing his face when we pulled up was PRICELESS! He was SO happy to be back there and again sat perfectly still in amazement! It was such a great thing to see and feel. We are very spiritual and speak about Jesus and pray daily, Hensley also attends a Christian preschool so it's def been a part of his daily life. And we had been to church a handful of times since his birth but he was also so clingy and shy around crowds that we let that hold us back about going. But I think church might become a more regular part of our lives and that makes me EXTREMELY happy :)

the cross outside of Christ Way Church! :) 

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