Thursday, May 10, 2012

High Five for Friday!!!

Thank goodness it's FRIDAY! It's been a long week!!!! With the end of school coming up in a few weeks, Andy's birthday coming up, Mother's Day fastly approaching, and our beach trip just around the corner there is so much to look forward to!!

Here are my fav's from this past week!!!!

1. I seen these two videos online a few nights and they both had me in tears. They are amazing to watch and really bring you back to whats most important in life!!!


2. Hensley actually played at his tee ball game last Saturday which is awesome!! Each week he's been a little more involved (considering he cried the entire first game). This week he actually hit and ran the bases! It. Was. Awesome!

3.  These words touched me profoundly this week. And while waiting on some pretty scary health test results until next week these words will keep my faith strong and my hopes high! 

4.  I am on the second book in the Fifty Shades of Grey series in just over a week since I've started and I seriously can't put them down! They are all consuming! Very Very good read!!!!

5.  We recieved Hensley's school spring photos this week and I might be biased but they are just insanely cute!!!!  

his class! best teachers ever :) 

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