Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Writer's block set in over the past few weeks and that combined with the fact that we have been hermits and staying in from the cold weather, there hasn't been a lot to catch up on. But there have been a few highlights over the past few weeks :)

Hensley has basically lived in his Mario outfit for weeks on end now. He puts in on as soon as he gets home from school everyday. We recently started asking him what theme he wanted for his birthday this year and, surprise surprise it's Mario....AGAIN! We have convinced him to mix it up a bit and do a Mario racing theme :) Looking forward to planning :)

We hit up the circus yesterday with our dear friends Emily and Gavin. It was their first time and we all had a blast!!! Hensley said his favorite part was the trapeze people.

We had a mini Super Bowl party last weekend ( I say "mini" because it was just us and my mother in law) but it was super fun with amazing food and lots of laughs and memories :)

It's finally February and with Valentine's Day is here :) We have started some new traditions this year.

We started Hensley's little mail box on the mantle that each day holds a special little surprise :) He loves checking it but slowly has started checking it multiple times a day!

We also started a tradition where each day Andy or myself write something we love about Hensley on a little heart and tape it to his door of his bedroom. He loves it.

Valentine's Day was great this year. It fell on a Saturday so Andy was able to be home with us. We had a great day spending time together.

A few days before I went to pick up a few things for Hensley's little Valentine's mailbox and it was Valentine's overload. 

One really awesome thing this year was that Hensley was able to sign and write little notes in all his cards :)
Andy surprised me with this beautiful plant for Valentine's day. My favorite ;) 

Hensley racked up this year :) He was so excited.
Andy made us an awesome breakfast Valentine's morning. :) So creative!

These guys are what make me smile this Valentine's day. 

Now we are all caught up ;) Until next time!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Last week we got the most snowfall we have had in 10 years!!! We got around 8-9 inches. It was absolutely beautiful. It snowed all day Wednesday and Thursday. Needless to say here in the South that amount of snow had us "snowed in". We were all home for three straight days before cabin fever set in. But we spent lots of time outside soaking up all the snow.

We knew the snow was coming so we prepared accordingly.....with a sled :)

When Hensley seen this he responded by saying, "This is the best day of my life." HAHA

Day 1 :)

The snow started about 3 pm and Daddy got home just in time. Once it started falling it came down fast and started piling up. There were a lot of traffic accidents and we were so thankful he got home safe and sound.

Of course we had to venture out and catch some snowflakes on our tongue :)  Hensley said it was a blizzard :)

After only a few hours :)

By evening it was a snowy winter wonderland ;) 

Hensley's first taste of snow cream :) It  was a hit :)

By morning we couldn't even open our front door because the snow was so high on our porch! We were officially "snowed in"!

 Later that day we all bundled up and headed outside! It was so fun and so exhausting. Playing in the snow will wear you out!! The dogs absolutely loved the snow and Hensley was obsessed with snowball fights!!

This is what Hensley thinks of family snow pictures!

Day 2:  The second day was even more fun then the first. We spent the day playing with our sweet neighbors in the snow and cuddled up all evening on the couch playing video games and watching the Olympics.

Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.