Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Holiday Season is HERE!!

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was pretty great :) We spent our day with all our family eating great food and making memories. We had lunch with my grandparents and brother Brandon and then it was off to dinner at my mom and dad's. This year I found myself so thankful for my family and the people that are close to me and involved in my everyday life. I am insanely lucky to have all my family so close by. Hensley gets to see and spend time with them all and that to me is amazing.

My grandpaw, me and Hensley

Hensley and my grandparents dog, Rocky
A few pictures I took of my mom and Hensley. They have such a special bond!
I was so thankful to wake up to this little boy...just like every day!

Even though this sweater and the wind blowing my hair made me look like i weigh 300 pounds I am still posting. This is my family Thanksgiving 2012!

A little ball with Daddy and cuddle time with Granny on Thanksgiving :) 

Hensley had a fantastic annual Thanksgiving luncheon at his school where the whole school gathers together to share a meal, chat, meet, catch up, laugh, and watch a great video montage of the kids and the things they have done so far this year in school. We look forward to it every year and since Andy's work schedule has been a little overwhelming lately my brother Brandon went with us. It was great :)

With Thanksgiving over my mind 100 percent is focused on CHRISTMAS! The most wonderful time of the year! Each year, as Hensley gets older Christmas becomes more fun. He "get's it" this year. He understands who Santa is and why we are giving people gifts and we have started teaching him the TRUE reason for the season. It is so great to see his eyes light up with amazement at the sight of a blow up Santa, or the oooo's and ahhhh's from riding down a street that every house has Christmas lights hung. Hensley and my mom decorated her tree a few weeks ago and he had a total blast with it. He loved searching for the perfect branch to hang each ornament and with each new box of different shaped and colored ornaments his face lit up! Randomly through out the day he will just pop up and say "Santa is watching me!" as if he is reminding himself. A few weeks ago I was looking through a catalog and made a comment that I liked something and Hensley quickly informed me : "Mommy, maybe Santa will bring you that!" :)

We have started making our Christmas crafts. We have made some hand print angels and pine cone Christmas trees!

We made some hand print salt dough Santa's too :)

There is a yearly thing in our town called Winterfest. They set up a huge outdoor ice skating rink downtown with Christmas lights and music and an ice sledding place for the kids. This was our first year attending and I was worried Hensley was still too young for it but he had a GREAT time. Ice skating was hard, but we tried!

Ready to go down the slide! 

loving it 

He was a little timid about the sledding but once he went down a few times and got the hang of it it was ON! He did it for 2 straight hours...NON STOP!!!! It was a huge hit and we will def be back a few more times before it leaves in January.

The Christmas decorated has started which is my absolute favorite!! Hensley put his tree up in his room just like last year :) He loves it. We added Angry bird ornaments this year and I am on a mad hunt for Mario decorations still to add. We have really enjoyed reading our nightly stories by the light of the Christmas tree ;)

Hensley and Daddy reading bed time stories by Christmas tree light :) 

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