Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf on the Shelf 2012

The Elf on the Shelf has entered our home. Santa must have known that this was the year Hensley would understand and really enjoy him. We named the Elf Benny! And for those of you that don't know the story of the Elf here it is. The Elf on the Shelf: The Tradition

We brought him home and read the story that night at bed time. Hensley listened very quietly as he heard that this little elf was sent by Santa to watch his behavior and report back each night. That first night Hensley insisted we place the large box that Benny was still sealed in at the foot of his bed. The next morning was nothing short of AMAZING!!! He woke up to the box at the end of the bed looking like this:

So on the hunt we went to find out where our friend Benny had went!!!

And there he was! On the ottoman reading a new book sent from Santa to all Hensley's favorite toys! Hensley was AMAZED! He said over and over again "How did he do that??!!" He is MAGIC!!"

Here is the video of that morning :) 

Night 2: We had been out with Uncle Brandon the previous day and Hensley had seen a snow globe he LOVED. The next morning there sat Benny with the snow globe and a note that read: 
"SURPRISE! Hensley, Uncle Brandon told me how much you loved the snow globe you saw today! So I hitched a ride with him to the store and TA DA!! Enjoy! and keep up the good behavior!  -Benny

Brandon and Benny plan to keep up this snow globe tradition each year :) 

Night 3: looking at the baby jesus! hensley is in love with our nativity scene and I want to make it a point to collect more over the years! :) 

Night 4: Benny went fishing...IN THE TOILET!

Night 5: Hensley had a little trouble being good the day Benny left him a reminder! 

Night 6: This crazy warm 70 degree weather we are having has Benny missing the snow at the North he made snow angels!!

Night 7: Benny made some marshmallow snowmen! 

Night 8: Benny visited Hensley's hermit crabs :)

Night 9: Benny elfed himself!

 Night 10: Benny getting into Hensley's favorite snack

Night 11 : Benny was just hanging out last night :) 

Night 12: Benny wasnt into doing anything exciting tonight. Just hung out in the stocking!

Night 13: Benny defaced our photos!!!

Night 14: Benny got a little artsy tonight :)

Night 15:  Hensley has the flu....Benny does too 

Night 16:  Benny was thirsty 

Night 17: After all that syrup Benny needed a good brushing

Night 18:  getting some ice cream

Night 19: Benny was just hanging out in the ice maker 

Night 20: It was Saturday night and we have two things we couldnt forget in the morning :) Benny kept them safe.

Night 21: Benny left Hensley a little project. Plant some peppermints and see what happens. 

Night 22: Benny is gone now....the candies sprouted and we are sad to see him go :(

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