Thursday, December 13, 2012

Day 7 of 30 Days of blogging

Day 7 seems like a pretty cut and dry question: What would be your dream job and why? But for me it's a little more complicated. It's an answer that has evolved over time. Had you asked me in high school my answer would have been: marine biologist.

Fast forward to college. I have found out my crazy fear of the ocean and found a love for nursing!

 Fast forward again to 2009 and I have found my total passion for motherhood and all that it entails! I have found my niche. My love. A huge piece of my heart. The job, not always glamorous and it doesn't pay, but the rewards and benefits are astronomical. I can't imagine not having this job and I can't not imagine doing it full time. I totally respect and understand the strength it takes for working moms to get up each and everyday and leave their kids because it's what they have to do. I know I am blessed. I know I am lucky to have this amazing full time job. It's a job I'll never want to resign from or quit.

 Now fast forward to today. To a day when my little cuddly boy is getting bigger, more independent, and closer to being in school all day and not with me. This is sad! Bittersweet actually. So my brain is churning and knowing that I will have more time on my hands and will not need to be so full time anymore I am now wanting and working toward a new career path. I have found a passion for sonogram technicians. I found this passion through the experience of losing my first child. The many months and many sonograms I had with no detection of anything wrong and then BOOM! Everything was wrong. I want to learn this field. Help every woman I can to learn that their babies are healthy and normal or, God forbid they aren't healthy, to help them find out at the earliest stage possible and avoid the immense heartache I had to endure. I hope this path is what God is leading me to. I hope this is HIS plan because in the end that's the only plan that matters. :)

Life is always changing. Always evolving. Ever growing.

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