Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 6 of 30 blogs in 30 days :)

Today's topic is a classic. What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

Wouldn't we all love to have three wishes .... to make our lives a little easier or a far fetched dream come true?

Well here are mine:

1) Number one is something I have always always always wished for as long as I can remember. I would wish for my brother Brandon to have perfect eye sight. He was born with several eye diseases and over the years those symptoms have progressed and got worse. I think maybe if he had his eye sight he wouldn't be the person he is today (which I love by the way). But I KNOW his life would be better and many of the struggles I have seen him face wouldn't have happened. Throughout all his many obstacles he has made so many accomplishments and done things even I couldn't do!!! He went to New York all alone for Occupy Wall Street, he went to Brazil on a mission trip for two weeks, he went away to college! He has done so much considering what all has tried to hold him back. I would love for him to see the way I do and DRIVE and not have to give up his love for reading and videos games (which is slowly coming due to the severity of his condition). I love him more then he will ever know and I know one day in the future he will come to live with my family when my grandparents pass away... and I am looking forward to that time with him. To help him. Guide him. Love him.

2) My second wish is a little selfish. I wish Hensley would stay little forever! Every mothers dream I know! It's a double edged sword really because I so look forward to him growing and seeing his accomplishments and the way he makes for himself in life and at the same time I absolutly HATE the thought of him going to school in a year and half and being away from me every day all day. I am so thankful to GOD that I have a little boy who will grow normally and mature and be able to be independent and not held back from a disability or anything but I just love his time with him. I love his cuteness, the way I can still carry him with ease, his little hand in mine, our days together where we laugh and love and make memories! I think about having another baby all the time but I know in reality I really just want my Hensley Cole small again! :)

this pretty much sums up our days :) 

3) My last wish is for my grandparents. They have made me who I am. Touched so many lives. I did a blog about them a while back here. They are having set backs in so many areas of life. Their declining health, economic struggles, and just life getting older. They are such amazing people who are always doing for everyone else. They are everything to me and my last wish is that their remaining days, weeks, months, or years here with us are as joyful and comfortable and filled with love as possible. I wish they would be in good spirits and in good health. They deserve only the best!

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