Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 8 of blogging for 30 days

Five passions you have .....

1. To repeat the son. His happiness, health, safety and well being. I stress about things from school lunches, to the perfect Christmas gifts, running to fast on the sidewalk, and how much sleep he is getting. He had the flu this past week and it was awful and worried my pretty little head so very much!

2. Animals: this is something my husband and I both share. We have a huge soft spot for animals and it breaks our heart to see one wondering alone, or at the shelter. They are just so innocent and it's impossible for us not to love them all. If we could we would have a ton :)

3. My family and the atmosphere we create to live in. I am overly in love with traditions, routines, special times, photos of us, etc. We have so many people that love us and are in lives but at the end of the day its just us three (plus Sophie) and I think it's so important that we create our traditions and keep them alive. Pass our morals and love for GOD onto Hensley. Read together. Laugh daily. Cuddle too much. And just create a warm, loved, comfortable, kind place in our home for us all to grow and succeed.

4. SCHOOL! I am starting school in January and over the last 4 years of not being in school its something that has become so much more important to me. When I was in college a life time ago I didn't take  it seriously. I didn't think it really mattered. That perspective has changed quite a bit now.

5. Growing my spiritual relationship with GOD. It has been a growing relationship that I have been taking more and more time to nurture over the past three years. It's something I see in my daily life now and something that makes me a person with more kindness, love, faith and hope. I not only want HIM in my life, I NEED HIM in it. It's become a necessity. I have so much more growing to do and learning to do.

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