Saturday, December 8, 2012

BLOGGING Day 3 of 30

The topic today on the list of 30 blogs in 30 days is to describe the relationship with you and your spouse. Andy and my relationship has involved a lot over time. We met in 1997 (which seems like a lifetime ago) when he was in 6th grade and I was in 7th. We met on the school bus and I'll never forget the day I first saw Andy (although I'm sure he has forgotten this day). He was in the very last row but was easy to spot because he was taller then anyone else on the whole bus. I can honestly say that at that moment I felt something between the two of us (mind you I was only 12! HAHA) I was totally infatuated with him for the next two years but being insanely shy we hardly exchanged two words, even as my best friend announced daily on the bus my undying love for him! Thanks Jill! In high school our paths separated and because of the vast differences in our personality and group of friends I rarely seen him.

Life went on, we grew older and I didn't think of Andy much. I had heard through people that he was married and had a child. Suddenly I found myself single and living alone for the first time in 4 years at the age of 22. I logged online one day and a familiar screen named popped up on the computer screen. There he was....and he had say hello! So it began again....we chatted back and forth for a while and caught up on each others lives. He was single and living back at home with his parents, going through a divorce, and had not one but two children. I was very hesitate to get into any type of relationship with him because of his circumstances but even online that connection was still there. After him and his friend randomly drove to my apartment complex one evening to say hello to me we planned our first date and the rest is history. The spark was still never left. We were instantly drawn to each other and so our lives began together. We were married 17 months after we started dating and Hensley was born two years after that first date.

Our relationship, like all others, have it's up's and down's but I can honestly say it's mostly UP! We have gotten over the bumps of moving into our first home, the pregnancy and birth of Hensley, the loss of our first child, etc. At the end of the day we love each other and most importantly we make each other laugh. We share stupid little jokes only we would laugh at ( "HELLO!") :) We have set up a routine and an understanding of each others likes and dislikes. We know what makes each other tick. We can most defiantly push each others buttons. We love each other. I love to hold his hand, mine fits perfectly in his! I love the way my son looks just like him and the way it drives him nuts that I won't admit it for anything!  I love the cleft in his chin and the love he has for his kids and the loyalty he has for family. Andy is who I see myself with forever. I love him more then he will ever know or understand and I find happiness knowing he feels the exact same about me :)

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  1. This is so cute! I enjoyed reading this! I always wondered how you two met! You know when I was in middle school I rode the same bus as him, and even got in a head on collision on the bus right in front of his house (well his parents house. I never knew that you have gone through a loss of a child, I know that must have been difficult for you. You are an amazing mother, and have so much love and compassion for not only Hensley, but Andy as well! You guys are seriously a match made in Heaven! We seriously need to do a double date sometime! I really enjoyed this!