Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pass the Tissue! Kindergarten Graduation was too much for me!

10 months ago Hensley couldn't read.
He couldn't add or subtract too well.
He couldn't imagine being gone from me for 8 hours a day 5 days a week.
He didn't know what a syllable was.
Opening a milk carton wasn't even something he had done before. 
He had a small (but amazing) group of friends. 
And the thought of pulling up to a building and dropping him off at the front for him to walk in a be fine with it was not something he would ever smile about. 

Fast forward 10 months later and we have a thriving, happy, independent, smart, social, extremely funny little boy who has accomplished every one of those things and many many more. Was it not just yesterday that I sent him off down the big hallway with tears in my eyes. Struggling to see the road on my way home and feeling so empty inside?

His teachers and classmates each contributed to his success in one way or another and he has made friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. With his school being so small (only 600 students grades K-12) these friends and teachers will be in his life for a long time to come and I couldn't be happier about that. I am so thankful that it's a consistent and tight knit loving place. I prayed and prayed for teachers and friends who would be good for him, lift him up and love him, and we got just that. We were blessed with a teacher and an assistant who truly loves kids and wants them to grow academically as well as have fun and feel safe and secure. We loved the open communication they kept with us at all times. They celebrated his highs and work right along beside of him when he needed the extra help. They loved the little things about him that we love too. It was wonderful coming in to the classroom and hearing little stories of things they had laughed about with Hensley or to hear them asking him about his football game the night before. They passionately loved each and everyone of the students in the class and wanted nothing but success and greatness for them and they were more then willing to go above and beyond to make sure that happened.  

He hopped in the car each and everyday with a smile on his face and a story to tell. 

Leading up to the end of the year was a very emotional one. There were a lot of award ceremonies, parties, and packing up. It's crazy but I think the saddest park of all the days were the day where we helped clean the classroom and took all the name tags off the desks. Weird I know but it was just so sad!

All the little kids were so cute in their cap and gowns. They looked so grown up. They sang some super cute songs and accepted their diplomas with smiles from ear to ear. They were each so proud of themselves as they should be. Kindergarten is hard. It's a big transition!

We all took pictures afterward in the gym and gathered up our family to take Hensley out to lunch :) His choice...Cracker Barrel. 

Who would thought putting a green robe and cap on my little boy and sending him off to the gym to sing a few songs would put me over the edge?

I think it was knowing that in a blink of an eye my little blue eyed freckle face boy will be walking in this same gym to get his high school diploma........as a mother, the days seem long but the years are so short!

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