Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beach Bound 2015 (Memorial Day Weekend) Part 2

Part 2 of our beach vacation coming up :)  We had two days left and a lot of fun to squeeze in! 

The guy who owns the hotel we stay at while at the beach is really really awesome and over the past few years we have really got to know him! He recommended that we visit the new exhibit at the aquarium at Fort Fisher. We had been to the aquarium the past few years and felt we had really seen all it had to offer. But since there was a new exhibit we decided to go and just see that since it was a separate set and cost from the main attractions. 

The Fort Fisher aquarium is really cool and we have loved visiting it. It has so many animals and hands on learning activities for the kids. The new attraction was the Lorikeets. They were super cute birds who were suppose to be very friendly. 

This little bird was so sweet until.......
 He wasn't!!! I was scared if you can't tell!

After the exhibit we soaked up the sun and lots of family time ;) There is nothing better then an afternoon by the ocean and the pool :)

We wrapped up our last night with some dinner, ice cream and a walk on the beach :) 

Our view from the beach access!

We always try to get a family picture on the beach and I love this one from this year :)

It was our last day here and we will miss it so much since we probably will not be able to come back this summer due to Hensley's school schedule changing this year. Maybe we can get here in late September. Who knows? But we will miss it none the less!  

The next morning we hit the road and took our annual "time to head home" photo.

But....wait...there's more! One little pit stop on the way home!

 With this beauty right on our way home AND it being Memorial Day....we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit!

There is so much history here and we really learned a lot. It was amazing to see all the artifacts they had and not only learn about the ship itself but also all the men who resided and worked there.

It was really breath taking. We could not have picked a better day to be there. The pictures do not do it justice. You really have to be standing on that ramp to see how massive it is. 

The boys loved all the guns and canons found around the ship.

 We spent a lot of time down in the boat. It was really amazing just how large it was inside. There were endless rooms and hallways and it was very easy to get lost. It really had everything one could need all on the ship.

One of the objectives to complete while on the ship was to find the wishing well. Hensley was very excited to see if we could find it and was looking around every corner for it.
Just when we knew we were coming near the end of the tour, there it was!!! It was very exciting for Hensley and it was fun to toss a few quarters down a really really really deep hole and make a few wishes :)

The inside of the ship had so many small spaces. It was crazy to see how Hensley fit through the doors perfectly and in the beds while thinking that grown men had to become accustom to these small spaces for months and months at a time.  

It was a perfect way to spend Memorial day and a great way to end our beach trip this year. Yet another adventure marked off our list!

We had an amazing trip :) We made a ton of memories and we are looking forward to our Fall vacation coming up in a few months :) Stay tuned :) 


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