Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

It's baseball season, ya'll! 

Hensley has always loved baseball and even though the place we use to play at started taking it way too serious and not so fun for the kids, we weren't going to let that deter him. We decided to play baseball in the same recreational organization as we did football since we had so much fun there. 

It was a fabulous experience and we were blessed to have some great parents help out and an amazing coach! I decided to just do a little post about how much fun Hensley had and share a few photos. I didn't take a lot this season because I was too busy cheering him on! 

They did several weeks of practice before they started the games and he was already loving it. The coach was so friendly and very upfront that he was there to have fun and to make it fun for the kids first and foremost. With so many local rec teams being all about the stats and the parents taking it way too seriously it was a breath of fresh air. 

Legs locked, arms up, bat back! Swing for the fences! 

Look at that stance! 

My sweet baseball playing boy!

 His little team mates were so so so cute! They all did so well and made such progress! I think it's so amazing how little ones just come together with 11 other little ones and instantly make friendships and have fun :) I pray that this always continues in Hensley's life and that he always makes friends so easily and has a great time wherever he goes. 

A few weeks after the season finished up his coach arranged a little ice cream party at a local ice cream shop for all the kids to hang out some and get their trophies! Hensley was so excited! 

I may be biased but I see Hensley playing all these different sports and he always seems to excel. He adapts and catches on quickly to most things. I hope he will always be so motivated to excel as he is now. I hope he will always want to reach a little farther, run a little faster, and hit a little harder. 

Swing for the fences buddy, and always always slide when possible :) 

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