Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Throwbacks Volume 1 and Mother's Day 2015

Since I regrettably started this blog late (around the time Hensley was 2 and half) I have so many memories and things I wanted to include on here. I so wish I had started it sooner, I really wish I had started it when I found out I was pregnant. But since I didn't I am going to try and post random throwbacks of memories photos and little things from a time long past.  

So here's the first edition. Since Mother's day is this weekend I wanted to go back to my first Mother's day as a mother :) It was a special time and one I'll never forget! 

Hensley was a month old :)

Poor little guy was so jaundice in the beginning. 

Got to not only spend my first Mother's day with this cutie but he also decided it was a great time to show me his first smile and lucky for me it I had my camera handy.

We visited with family and everyone got to enjoy our sweet little boy!

Uncle Brandon with Hensley...I do believe this was the first time he held a baby. He got alot better along the way. 

My sweet grandma couldn't have loved him more! 

I just remembering being so thankful to have him in my arms that day :) 

Fast forward 6 years later.......

Hensley and Andy had been working on a secret project for a few days prior to Mother's Day and he was working on it very intensely!

I woke up on Mother's day with Hensley's little face leaned over into mine, eyes bright and already saying "Happy Mother's Day!"

I finally got to see his secret project and his beautiful handmade card.

In addition to my handmade gifts I was given a new dress and AMAZING shoes :) Time for church!

We had a great service at church and an amazing lunch with our families afterward :) It was nice to just spend time together and talk and make memories.

We came home just spent time together and played the new Pokemon game Hensley got that day from Uncle Brandon :) It was great just being with the people I love.

This year my mom wasn't here with us because her and my step dad are still in Texas. It brought up a range of emotions not being with her on this special. Hopefully she will be here next Mother's Day to celebrate with us.

Luckily for me Mother's Day didn't end on Sunday. Hensley's Mother's Day breakfast at school was on Monday. It was so cute. They had a huge spread for all the mother's and their children. They sang the cutest little song and made us some really really special gifts :)

Hensley really worked hard this year to make me feel special and he did a fabulous job at it. He told me how much he loved me so much over the weekend and he was extra cuddly :) It was truly a special few days.

Happy mothers day to all the amazing mothers out there that I am blessed to know. The day I became a mother changed my life for the better forever. I can't remember life before him and I treasure every moment with him. Waking up this morning with his sweet little face and bed head leaning over me whispering "happy mothers day mommy" is priceless and I am forever grateful to God to trust me with this precious gift of my son. Happy mothers day smile emoticon

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