Friday, February 27, 2015

Come into my heart......

Tonight as I put Hensley to bed we were having one of our nightly chats. After we said our prayers he was asking about why his cousin Brooke got baptized (which happened many many months ago) as I explained to him why he said he wanted God to come into his heart like Brooke's. I told him what that meant and together we said the prayer. He got very emotional and even cried saying how important it was for him to go to heaven to see grandma one day. Our five year old asking God to come into his heart and being saved is such an amazing blessing. I was totally shocked and caught off guard. We speak to him often about God and religion and pray nightly and for those in our lives that need prayer and he spent the last 4 years in the most amazing preschool teaching him all about it as well. I am so so thankful for his strong foundation he is being raised on and so proud that he already understands and welcomes God's amazing love for him. My heart is full!!

I pray that this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship with God. I pray that he talks to him like a friend and looks to him for guidance. I hope he always finds himself surrounded by uplifting and positive friends. I trust that God will always place him right where he need to be guide him through life. He is such a light in our lives and I know he will do great things in life. He has a strong foundation and a good heart and that will take him far :) 

Feb. 27, 2015 

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