Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Love Day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!!!! We had a great one this year because it was on a Saturday and we were all able to be together the whole day :) It was great except for one little set back....Hensley had the flu :(

He was in great spirits though and even from the couch with his little vomit bucket he was happy and smiling :) 

We opened some gift and had some breakfast made by my sweet husband :) I spent most of the day cuddling Hensley on the couch, cleaning the vomit bucket, washing EVERYTHING in our ENTIRE house! Andy was great he ran some errands for me and was right there to get whatever Hensley needed. 

Andy ran out to pick up some meds and some food for us and came home with the sweetest card and some chocolates :) He let me take a nice long nap and waking up to these made a tough day a little better :)

To the man who loves me with all his heart even though at times i can sure make it hard. He works harder then anyone i know. Thank you for giving me the best little boy in the whole wide world. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me my happily ever after. I loved you yesterday. I love you today. I will love you always.

By the end of the day we had a happy smiling boy who was ready to play some video games with Dad. It was a nice day to remember to take a step back and just spend time together. It doesn't have to include going anywhere or doing anything crazy it was just a great day at home with the ones I love the most and those who love me back unconditionally. 
Happy Love Day :) 
Today and everyday! 

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