Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Hensley going to a charter school I have noticed they do several things a lot different. And since they have a school that houses Kindergarten through 12th grade they include everyone in events such as homecoming.

When Hensley came home a few weeks ago with a slip in his binder saying his teacher had nominated him for the homecoming court I was so excited :) More excited then he was I think!!!

We invited all our friends and family and picked out a super cute outfit for Hensley. They were having a dinner at the school beforehand and a ceremony afterward with a performance by the schools band. 

They did a great job with setting things up and making it all run smoothly. Hensley was paired up with a little girl in his class named Laura Grace and she was extremely excited (and super adorable)!!! 

Hensley and Laura Grace

It was very fun and such an honor for him to on the Homecoming court. Being the type A personality I am and seeing all these pictures I think about how cute it would be for him to be on the Homecoming court as a high schooler and seeing these pictures such a long time from now :) 

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