Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Time Fun

This week has been full of a lot of things. Some pleasant. Most not so much. We have had lots of doctor appointments, lots of sleepless nights, lots of little man throwing up and feeling overall crappy, lots of cleaning away germs and......lots of cold weather. This week we even seen ice and snow!!! And while that was fun....for a short while the rest was not! We are finally on the mend and the snow is on it's way to being gone. Cabin fever set in a few times and we were happy to have something fun to look forward to outside to play in. Even though, as you'll see that was short lived too! 

It was really a pretty snow! BIG snowflakes!!!

Of course the boys got out in the snow! They wasted no time getting our the sleds and riding there bikes through the snow!

After a few hours they were more then ready to come in and cozy up to the fire and eat vanilla wafers while sipping hot cocoa. 

And build Lego creations of course!

During all this fun we ended up having to go into the doctor's office and Hensley was officially diagnosed with the flu. We started Tamiflu which was very short lived because Hensley's stomach had some pretty terrible reactions too it! We decided to stop the meds and let it run its course which was hard. He wanted to play so much but after a little bit outside he found himself needing to come in and rest. It was hard to see him frustrated that his body wouldn't do what he wanted it to. We learned a valuable lesson that Hensley and Tamiflu don't mix! Just as he was starting to feel a little better we all went out for a sledding session before the day was over and....low and behold his sled took a turn and went right under a parked van and a busted is lid open :( He couldn't catch a break!!!  


The next morning after lots of tears and ice packs he was all smiles and ready for some more fun :)

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