Thursday, February 26, 2015


This week we got our BIG snow!!! We don't always get a really good snow here it's usually sleet, freezing rain, and a little snow mixed it. We don't usually get lots of the powdery, fluffy, great snow!! But this week we did and we got a lot of it (a lot in our standards anyway). We awoke Thursday morning to 8 to 10 inches of awesome snow!!!!!

The night before when the snow started we couldn't help but to go out in it :)

Hensley's reaction to first seeing the snow 

We spent the morning admiring the beauty of it all and eating cereal and playing board games :) 

Hensley and Sophie snuggled on the couch

It was absolutely beautiful and otherwise would have been a truly magical day at home playing and eating and watching it all out of our window, but, we had no power! :(

After a few hours of moping around about not having power we decided since the roads near us had been scraped and our sweet friends had power, we would grab some lunch and head over to their place for some snow day fun!!! 
And I am so thankful we did because it was beautiful :) 

Snowball fights with Gavin :) 

Our friends the Williams' have a great hill in front of their house to sled :) It made for a lot of fun for the kids! 

Then we got the bright idea to build a snowman...but not just any snowman!  A GIANT SNOWMAN!

Watch the video below to see some of the ideas the guys used to get the snow man built!!!

And our verison of Frosty the snowman was done :) We were pretty proud of him :)  It was a perfect snow day spent with friends. Listening to our babies laugh and watch them play and be so happy :) Nothing's better!

The ride home was really beautiful too!

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