Monday, April 1, 2013

Time to celebrate turning 4!!!!

We officially have a four year old in our house!!!

Hensleys's birthday party was a few weeks MONTHS ago and I am finally getting around to blogging about it. It was probably the best birthday party so far, however I think I say that every year! So here are the details :)

This year the theme was none other then ... MARIO! Hensley obsession for the past 6 months or so. It was harder then I thought to find decor and party favor ideas but I think I made it all work :) Hensley was one lucky little boy this year! He actually got to celebrate his birthday with three....count them THREE!....parties. He celebrated with his friends at school, at his actual birthday party, then a cookout hosted by his Granny and PawPaw.

So let's go in order here.....the offical birthday party first :)

We held his party at Jump N Fun this year which is a local bounce house that we found recently. We invited all our friends and family and it was an amazing time. We couldn't have asked for better people to help us celebrate this day!

We bounced. We ate. We had a disco :)


We played basketball and air hockey!!

Then it was time for DISCO!

Time to eat and have cake!!

Then it was present time and as usual Hensley got more then he will ever need!

Hensley has always had so many people who love him and come to celebrate his life each year. He is such a special boy who is loved beyond measure and brings a smile to everyone. We are so thankful to everyone who came and everyone who not only loves and celebrates him on his birthday but all year round!

Robert and Uncle Brandon! :) 

Its bittersweet to see our little one getting a year old. We are so sad to see him getting big and not needing us as much but we are so grateful to GOD for a healthy child who is growing and thriving in all he does. He is strong. He is smart. He is independent. He is loving. He is compassionate. He is always smiling. He is our boy and we are so proud and honored to be his parents :) 

Happy Birthday little man. Our lives began when you entered our world. 

Below are a few videos of the day :) 

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