Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Birthday Letter.

Every year I make it a point to sit down and write a little letter to Hensley about the things he loves, the special times from the previous year, and our hopes for the year to come.

My Dearest Hensley,

Another year of your precious little life is coming to a close. It seems like yesterday we were celebrating your third birthday. This year was full of growth and learning. This time last year you had just became potty trained! It was a huge milestone for you and a very proud time :) I thought you were just SO big this time last year! HA! I look at you now and when I pick you up your legs hang almost to my knees. Your freckles have continued to multiply. Your speech has improved by leaps and bounds. You are a chatterbox. You sing. You express your feelings. You love. What has remained is that infectious belly laugh you have. It hasn't changed since you were a baby.

You are a boy who loves to be with his friends and it amazes me to see the relationships you have with your little buddies. Nate is your best friend and the fact that he lives across the street makes it even better for you. Evenings full of bikes rides, and looking for dinosaur bones in the sand are memories I'll treasure always.

You can't get enough of Uncle Brandon and you love when he comes to stay the night. You trust him. You learn from him and listen to him. You wrestle him and hold his hand. I cherish that relationship and love that I get to witness it. I hope its one that will only grow stronger the older you become.

You enjoy visiting MawMaw Louann at the store and shes spoils you rotten every time you are there.

You are kind and caring. Your relationship with Sophie is one that is special to you. She is always at your side (mostly because you will share your snacks!). You both run and play snuggle and cuddle! She is your partner in crime and you are quick to recognize when she needs food or water (or more snacks!)

This year you learned to swim! You are a fish! You found your love of baseball and were on your first baseball team! Go Wild Hares! And your second team... The Bats!! You started gymnastics and you are awesome! So full of energy and so flexible. Your fearlessness helps with that too!

You always march to the beat of your own drummer which your Great Grandma has said about you from day one of your life! You know what you like and are already so confident in who you are. It never fails when we walk in the door at home that in under 2 minutes you will change into your gym shorts and little else! Every night as soon as we climb in bed you decide you are hungry. And every afternoon when I pick you from school you always say "Did you get me a surprise!?"

Your face lights up at the sight of a mud puddle or a pile of rocks. Being outside is your favorite. Jumping on your trampoline makes you so happy. You are such a little athlete. Always running and jumping. Being creative and funny.

 Your relationship with your Granny and PawPaw is so incredible to watch. They love you so much. They are so thankful to have you in their lives and you fill their lives with so much joy! You love to wrestle PawPaw and play horseshoes with him. Granny always tries to steal all your kisses and hugs. You love to play with her and cuddle in her bed.

You are a lover of TV and movies and I swear you can watch the exact same one a thousand times and it never gets old. Your favorites this year were Toy Story, The Lorax, Calliou, and (this one my surprise you) Tinkerbell! You have an amazing memory and after just a time or two you know all the lines and all the punchlines to each jokes. You and I have been working on learning all the states in the USA and you have about 10 down!! :) Such a huge accomplishment.You are so insanely smart! You are obsessed with Mario and your WiiU. You amaze us with how fast you master a game or learn to use the controls.

You did something amazing a few days ago.....

We were all amazed and so incredibly proud of you. The best thing about this was to see the pride you had in yourself. And when you showed me this the first words out of your mouth were "Are you so proud of me Mommy!?" Priceless!
You are very into drawing and creating and you bring home a masterpiece every afternoon when I pick you up from school :)

You learned to ride a bike this year! Your first bike Granny got you for your birthday last year has got alot of miles on it now. Playing gas station with Nate and riding the neighborhood is one of your favorite things!

We went on many adventures this year. We experienced so many things. Things only seem to get better each and every year. You grow and change and as much as it hurts my heart to see you getting bigger I am so thankful to GOD for keeping you healthy and happy. It brings me so much joy to see you in church on Sundays. To hear you say your prayers at night and to see that relationship with GOD already growing inside you.

I pray that I never forget these precious years. How your little body still fits perfectly beside mine. How you hold my hand at night when you fall asleep. How your little nose crinkles when you laugh. How every night when you are on the edge of falling asleep you say, "Mommy, hold me!". How you always bring me flowers when you are outside playing. I cherish the fact that I can still carry you to your bed. Snuggle you on the couch. Kiss your nose.

I watched so much when you don't know I am. At school. Outside with friends. Playing in your room. I am so amazed that GOD chose me to be your Momma. I am forever grateful for the love you brought to our hearts and our home. I can't remember life before you. My life began when you took your first breath. I'll never forget the night your were born. The way my heart grew 10 sizes bigger. I pray that I help you grow into the best person you can be.

My hopes for you are to always do what you love. To be compassionate. To be loved and to love with your whole heart. Studying hard and make a life for yourself that you love to wake up to each day. I hope you travel the world and see as much of GOD's beautiful creations as you can. I hope you talk to GOD like he is your best friend and that your faith and trust in him is what leads your life.

You are the light of my life little man. You are the air in my lungs and the love in my heart. You are the reason I am who I am today. I awake each day and try to be a person you will always be proud to call your mommy. You'll never understand the love I have for you until you have children of your own. And when that day comes Hensley I hope you'll look back on this letter and wish the same things for your own little one.

love you the most :)


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