Monday, April 1, 2013

March 2013 ..... in nutshell

Birthdays, school days, normal household chores, baseball, gymnastics, and a little bit of sleep in between cause alot of our little fun adventures to be over looked here on the blog. So here is a nutshell.

We had a lot of park visits this month. The weather was great and Daddy had some time off to go too :) 

Spent a lot of time with Hensley's best buddy Nate. This little guy has really become a part of our family. 

Baseball season is here :) Hensley is on a new team called The Inch Worms and he is so excited to play again :) 

He was super excited for Granny and PawPaw to be at is first game :) 

We celebrated Hensley's birthday for a third time while PawPaw was in town from Iowa with a big cookout, bounce house, lots of friends, cake and even some fireworks :) 

Hensley got the one thing he had asked for on his birthday..PawPaw surprised him with a real bow and arrows :) 

He is in heaven! 

There was cake, singing, playing and even fireworks for the birthday boy ;)  

Hensley's birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. And because we spent all day and night celebrating his birthday on Saturday we did Easter Sunday a little different this year....we did nothing at all :) We got up early and went to my parents house in our pajamas to eat breakfast. We came home and chilled on the couch and watched movies and played with new toys from the Easter bunny. We snuggled our 4 year old boy and thought back to the day he entered our lives. It was a perfect day even though we weren't all dressed up and attending church and family lunches. It was perfect for us :)

Andy might kill me for posting this picture but I just love it! Andy had just woke up and Hensley was so excited about the Easter bunny he couldn't stand it!

Event though we were lazy bums on Easter this year we did get some Easter pictures taken a few weeks before. They were amazing. 

It was a perfect birthday for our boy this year. We are so blessed and loved. March was a pretty good month! 

It was spring break this month too. IT ROCKED!

A little photo dump from March. 

We hit up the paddleboats one afternoon. It Rocked!

Hensley and my mom spent the after doing Easter cookies one day. He loved it but never ate a one! HAHA

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