Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Blog Feature: Weekly iPhone Photo Dump

OK, so I have seen this on a few other fellow bloggers sites and I just love it. I don't get to blog every week. Sometimes the words (or the time) just aren't there. So I figured since I'm finding myself taking so many pictures since my phone is so accessible that I could start a weekly iPhone photo dump! :) Enjoy!

This week was Spring Break for the kids. So I spent a lot of time with these two little stinkers :) They are so funny and so cute and so full of life and energy! They make me smile. 

We went to the park. We hit up Chick-fil-A for lunch and ice cream. We hung out at Backyard Paradise one day. And we spent a lot time outside soaking up the sunshine, running, jumping, climbing, and having a BALL!

OH! It's starting to look like SPRING here! And that's enough to make me smile :) 

Hensley's photo book came this week of this birthday party and I LOVE IT : )

You can see the whole thing here

It's that time of year again! Saturdays revolve around tee ball! Hensley is loving it this year! He is on the Inch Worms and it's so fun watching them play!!

Daddy was out of town for a few days this week working and Hensley was very happy to see him come home :) 

Me and my main man had a lunch date this week :) 

Throwback Thrusday's pictures this week on Instagram hold a speical place in my heart! :) 

Our poor little Sophie is going through a false pregnancy. Weirdest thing I ever heard of before! Luckily she is getting better :) 

Hensley ate dinner this week.....and that's a big deal around here!!!

This Saturday was a busy day! Ball games in the morning. And 2 birthday parties for 4 adorable little girls that are special to us! Birthday party #1 was a Dinosaur party at the park! It was so cute!

Party #2 was at the bowling alley for the Wall girls :) We were a little early so we killed time in the awesome arcade! It seems that Hensley inherited his Dad's luck! He hit 500 tickets on a single game!!!

While Dad was out of town this week Hensley and I shared a lot of cuddly evenings together. 

One evening while watching TV I looked down to notice Hensley was fast asleep and all intertwined with me :)

 And that's as good as it gets folks. 

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