Friday, April 26, 2013

iPhone Weekly Photo Dump!

A look at this past week...or two weeks....cause I am SLACK!

The past few weeks the weather has been pronominal! We have spent many hours outside soaking it all in :) 

With the arrival of warmer weather and lots of sunshine also brings the arrival of Hensley's freckles!  Or angel kisses as he calls them!

Andy had to work last Saturday so we took that opportunity to drag  bring my mom along on our little Saturday adventure. We had a baseball game and then an afternoon full of bouncing at Safari Nation! 

My mom made us eggrolls this week! They were AMAZING~

Last Friday night we took advantage of a little family time. Andy had to work all weekend long so we went out Friday night for dinner and some beautiful evening sunsets at Alamance Crossing! The weather was perfect. We shopped. We ate. We played! 

I started reading this at my grandma's this week. It's an awesome book.

Hensley has a new obsession....Chocolate Ice Cream!

Many nights Hensley is totally exhausted. Playing outside non stop in the afternoons and the warm sun leave him just drained!

Hensley and his best buddy.

 Favorite picture of the week!

All our hard work last spring paid off and our front walkway and flowers are looking amazing!

A few random pics of Sophie because she is just so adorable! 

My new ring :) 

 Baseball never gets old :) 

One amazing thing about being mommy to a little boy is the sweet sweet moments (which are happening daily here now) where they bring you flowers :)

May be the cutest picture I have ever seen!

The life of a boy :) 

This beauty came last week! I am in love!!!!

And because it's Friday....we celebrated! 

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