Friday, November 9, 2012

These moments only happen ONCE

The busiest time of the year is upon us. After Halloween it just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye every year. Last year at the end of Christmas Day I actually sat down and thought..."what just happened today?" I had only the memories my camera reminded me of. It was all about getting to this family members house by this time and remembering to bring these presents and this dish. Take this picture don't forget who gave Hensley that gift. The whole day was about documenting the memories but not living them!

I vowed that the holidays would never be that way again! I want Christmas to be about coziness, our home, the smiles, the real reason for the season! In the past few weeks I have done two things I have never done in the past: I have got a ton of Christmas shopping done, AND I have ordered it ALL online. It feels amazing to know my list is getting checked off pretty quickly and I have not had to leave my beautiful boy to drive all over town, wait in lines, and deal with a cranky boy who's favorite activity is NOT shopping!

This year I want to bake. Make Christmas crafts and listen to Christmas music while we do it. I want to snuggle on my couch with my boys and watch classic Christmas movies. I want to teach Hensley why we really celebrate Christmas.

I plan to do Christmas and Thanksgiving at our house this year. After you get married and your family grows there are so many people to see and visit with on holidays. As much as I love visiting family (and I'm sure we will visit some) I also want to enjoy our little family and make our own traditions. Last year on Christmas morning we were so rushed to open gifts, eat breakfast  get dressed, and get on the road that by the time we got home that night we were exhausted and Christmas was over. :(

So much time is dedicated to buying this or ordering that. Wrapping gifts just perfect. Making lists of endless amounts of people that must have just the right presents. Having the perfect holiday card. Spotless house with elegant Christmas decorations.

This year the goal is simple. Don't be rushed, enjoy the small things, and be present. A different kind of present is going to be at the top of our priority list this holiday season. And even though there will be a ton of gifts wrapped under our tree like every year it's not priority one. Being present for the memories. Being present for our son. And being present in the celebration of our Savior this holiday season is number 1!

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