Saturday, November 10, 2012

High Five for Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!
It's been a great week here because after almost 2 months of Andy working out of town 6 days a week he had a week out!! WOOOHOOOO!

1. Being home with these two everyday this week has been amazing!

2. The election is over and as much as I enjoyed watching it I am glad it's all behind us. Seemed to bring the bad out in people especially on social media. 

3. Since the hubby's been home this week we did a few small home projects we had been putting off. One being a new dining room light! :) I love it

4. Hensley went roller skating for the first time ever on Sunday. It was Brooke's birthday party and I was unsure if he would try it or not. He did and he loved it :)

5. I ordered this new scarf on a few weeks ago and finally got to wear it :) Love love love.

Looking forward to the weekend :) 

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