Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our annual Razz Tazz Farm trip!! 2012

This past weekend we did our 3rd annual Razz Tazz Farm trip with the kids. We have went every year since Hensley was born and we just love it. It's local. It's festive. And it's TONS of fun. 

Always gotta start with the Cow Train!

They all spent so much time in the corn bins! They buried each other, threw it everywhere, and just hung out. It was probably Hensley's favorite part for sure!

Trust me, he could have stayed in there for days!

Spent a lot of time on the haystacks!

The Corn Field

The Train Ride


our world :)

my heart!

my boy :)

These pictures speak for themselves. We had an amazing day time making great memories. These are the days we live for. 

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