Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And she loved a little boy.....

Tonight I went into Hensley's room and just laid beside him. He was sound asleep with his long beautiful eyelashes and adorable freckles. His sweet smelling dirty blonde hair and smooth baby skin. I watched his chest rise and fall and rise again. Wondered what he was dreaming of. Thinking of how he had fulfilled every dream I ever had of my future. He mended my heart at a time where I thought nothing could. He brought my life to life! 

I wondered how I ever lived life with out this little soul. Wondered how it was possible to love this much. How he got so big? How the past three and half years had went by in a flash and how hard it was to remember my life before he was here. 

It's amazing how transforming into a mother can change every single aspect of your life. You are never alone in your thoughts. You always think twice, once for yourself and once for your child. 

Your heart is no longer in your body, but out walking around and growing, growing bigger everyday. I locked eyes with this boy and it was over. Life was different. BETTER. More full of love, joy, and laughter. Those eyes. They are magnificent. They are bluer then any clear blue Carolina day. They are full of more life then I have ever seen in anyone's eyes. 

I catch him at times curled up to me, or holding my hand, or giving me a kiss for no reason at all, and I smile. 

He is everything I could have imagined and so much more. I never knew such an amazing little person could exist. I never knew someone could love so purely. I never knew someone's laugh could be so infectious. I never knew a touch could be so gentle. I never knew a 35 pound freckle face blue eyed boy could fill my heart so much that it feels like it will burst open! 

Hensley made me who I was meant to be......his momma. Nothing else I will ever be in my life will ever matter as much as that. 

How did I ever get so blessed to call this "mine"??

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