Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello Monday!!!!

This weekend was a blast (and I am exhausted)! We had so much fun this past week with Andy home on a two week vacay from work but this weekend ROCKED!!!

I am joining in with fellow blogger Shannon with her "Hello Monday" segment.

On Friday we went to dinner and bowling with Hensley's uncle Brandon and our neighbors the Coltrane's. We had Ham's for dinner and drinks :) Hensley had never been bowling before so I wasn't sure how much he would like it or not. Well.....HE LOVED IT!!! He and Nathan played game after game! It was a lot of fun to relax with our new friends! Hensley smiled the whole night :)

Saturday we took a little road trip!! We headed out Saturday morning for Mooresville Nc, just about an hour and a half from our home. We were headed to Lazy 5 Ranch! We had been wanting to go for some time now and it was a perfect day! It was a sunny 70 degree November day with a light breeze! PERFECTION!

we have arrived!! waiting in line :) 

It was so fun to ride up and see llamas and alpacas just laying out in the grass no confinement no cages. You could either drive through the ranch in your car or take the open wagon ride. We chose the wagon. The first wagon ride was at 2 and we were there at 12 so we took full advantage of the petting zoo and playground :) There were so many animals!! Camels, sheep, peacocks, goats, llamas, etc. The list goes on and on. It was great feeding them all and getting up close and personal :)


He was so excited to carry this bucket of feed
Daddy and H

We ate lunch there and Hensley got some energy out on the playground. It was an amazing little place with the nicest people.

Finally it was our time to ride through the ranch and see the more "wild" animals.

The Giraffes ...the best part :) 

This little guy tried to take a bite out of Hensly's hand   :x

This cow was REALLY friendly

We had a great weekend! Lots of memories made. Now this week we will spend making crafts and getting ready for Thanksgiving! 

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