Friday, July 27, 2012


It's Friday again.....FINALLY :)   

1.  The storms have been rolling in the past few weeks and this one was no exception! While I love a good strom at nap time it sure has been ruining alot of pool days :/

2. My Mom and I went shopping this week (several times! :) and picked up so many goodies :) Like these awesome dining room table decor!!!

3.  My hair is getting insanely long and I LOVE IT!!!!!! :) After having an inverted bob it takes a REALLY long time to get this again! 

4.  I am currently cleaning out my office and stumbled upon this pic of myself circa 1987 ! Adorbs!

5.  This has really helped me through the last few weeks with Andy getting a new job and things being all up in the air I have came back to this several times. Love Joyce Meyer! 

Summer is coming to close in a little less then a birthday is coming up (YAY)....and we still got a lot of summer fun things to check off our list! :) 

Where has this summer gone????

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