Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Five for Friday 8.3.12

Hello Friday! Nice to see you again! :) This week actually felt like it FLEW by!! This summer is quickly  coming to a close and its so sad because its been GREAT but at the same time am more then ready for some relief to this insane heat of near 100 degrees everyday!!

1. Watching the London Olypmics this summer has been one of the best memories for me because Hensley has absolutely LOVED it. He is really into sports but alot of these are not the common every week sports you see on TV. So far he has been totally into the diving, swimming and gymnastics which he calls the magic show :) Its really been awesome to curl up in the evenings and spend time doing something a little different :)

2. I got new shades and new jeans this week! And both are pretty awesome :)

3. It is officially my birthday month! WHOOP WHOOP! :) we are planing a trip to lazy 5 ranch the weekend of my birthday :)  I can't wait!

4. Andy, Hensley, my mom and myself went to dinner this week to Red Lobster and we had an amazing time. It was so nice to sit back, relax, and enjoy each other :)

5. My bestie was out of town for 5 freaking days last week and it was NOT fun :/ I totally missed our talks and seeing her :/ So while she was out enjoying her 5 year anniversary and living it up I was home going through withdrawals :( BOO! But....SHE'S BACK!!!! :) and she brought me the most thoughtful gift ever :) I love her :)

                                                  Front                                 Back

                                                       Now it's time for the weekend :)

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