Sunday, July 15, 2012

Being without internet the past weeks has been a pain but things are back up and running now so its time to catch up :)  I wanted to share the last few weeks in a short and sweet recap of Instagram photos :)

it's rained here...a lot!
a trip to Toy's R Us was in order this week 

Loving my new target ring :) 
He has a slight obsession with his goggles


made my second diaper cake! Success!
After an hour long tantrum he fell
asleep holding my hand

                                                   The goggles are on ALL THE TIME!!!!!                       

The Children's Museum!!!!
my mom is now living 3 miles away!
We couldn't be happier!

Hensley is in love with Horseshoes
so he got his very own set :) 

I have the bestest best friend EVER!
Love her!

I am so in love with the fact that he
isn't too old to fall asleep on me :) 
The neighborhood pool! We see this
place weekly!!

  How we spent our 4th of July! At the pool with family, lots of good food and a diving board!!! Hensley life was pretty much complete with the diving board!!!! :)

The back to school sales have started
and saving 80 bucks on my first trip
spending only 12 dollars is AWESOME :)
Hensley's most prized toy (blue monkey)
was thrown accidentally on the hospital
roof this week! Long Story!
He was rescued safely :)  

We have been to backyard paradise a few
times and Hensley loves it :)

Watermelon has been Hensley's
food of choice! 

This pool has provided HOURS of fun
We got a big blow up pool and some
lounge chairs! We are SET!

Water gun fights with daddy :) 
We added a slide to the pool! :) 

We went to the race track with friends
and watched alot of fast cars and
Hensley was in heaven :)

Well that was just a short little post about  all the happenings around here the past few weeks :) There will be LOTS more catch up detailed posts to come :) So far it's been a pretty AWESOME summer :) 


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