Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This crazy weather!!!!

WE GOT SNOW!!!!! and then a 75 degree day! Oh did I mention this was in a 5 day span??!!!!
Crazy I know but none the less it was exciting :) Hensley has seen snowed several times but being 2 I am positive he didn't remember it at all! He was sooooooooooo excited about it. Memorized is probably a better word. He stood at the door and watched it fall for so long!

Anyways, we didnt get much prob an inch and half but it was just enough to look pretty play in for a few hours and it was gone :) The perfect snow :) And it kept Andy out of work for a day of fun :)

We ran and played (the dogs loved it too!) we threw snowballs and Hensleys favorite part was jumping on his snow covered trampoline :)


So after a cold beginning of the week with a fun day of snow on monday we skip forward to Friday....75 and sunny :) It was amazing. Weird...but amazing! We spent the day yet again at Country Park but this time we invited Deanna (DD as Hensley calls her) and Blake :) They had not been before it was a great time. The boys chased the ducks around and fed them cookies and cheetos and gummies ...thats what ducks eat...right??!!! :) They took off their shoes and played in the pond, rode bikes, ate, and played on the playground. It was a perfect outing for two very energetic little boys. Hensley has been totally fascinated with Blake for a few months now and when they are together Hensley is truely Blake's shadow! Its so cute to watch them play. Hensley was never the type of boy to care much for trucks or cars or playing with them like most boys are but.....since Blake's come along....that's ALL Hensley wants to play with, talk about, and watch! Blake's def rubbed off on him and opened him to a whole new obsession...MONSTER TRUCKS!

We ended the afternoon with a quick bite at a local restaurant and some milshakes :) Hensley was asleep by the time we pulled out of the parking lot to go home. Really good friends are hard to find in this world and really good friends with sweet loving kids are even harder to find! HAHA! But with Blake and DD (and aaliyah too who had school this day) we have found that. Its a blessing to have that.

As our children get older we will not always approve of or even know their friends but I believe if we start them off with good people around them with great kids who are kind and loving we are instilling a good base for them in order to pick friends in the future. Hensley has so many little friends his age who are just amazing little people, I hope these are children he'll be lifetime friends with. Its so hard to keep friends close with the everyday hustle and bustle of life. A lot of time life gets in the way and too much time goes by without seeing each other but you never know when your time will be up..or theirs.....so don't make it an option to have those amazing people in your life on a daily basis. Friends are our chosen family ;)

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