Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An eventful weekend in Feb

What an eventful weekend in the Whitt home this past weekend. This weekend was filled with love, laughter, friends and family, and memories :)

We spent Friday afternoon at a place my husband and I take Hensley a lot! Country Park in Greensboro. We love it there its so relaxing! Two playgrounds, several huge ponds full of ducks, lots and lots of trails and nature. If you know Hensley you know he couldn't be happier outside. Its a definite favorite for him. We always take bread to feed the ducks and we walk and run and swing :) Its always a good time. The weather was perfect on Friday and we had an amazing time :)

So anyway....Friday was awesome :)  on Saturday we had plans with some close family friends of ours and a their kids who we love love love. We went to a local place called Safari Nation. Its a huge bounce house facility with snacks and games and bounce houses :) Hensleys favorite place!  Andy also brought along his two other children which were visiting this weekend (yep..I'm a step mom too). They all bounced and rode the zip line and ate junk food :) It was perfect!

the boys playing bowling
 hailey on the zipline
 SO so SO proud of CJ for doing the zipline. this was a huge accomplishment for him!
 Hensley got a boo boo :/
 the boys going down the slide
 My beautiful Boy
 Brotherly Love
 Katelynn :)
 Hailey :)

 Hensley and Daddy's favorite thing to do...EAT!

We went to Elizabeths Pizza after jumping! YUMO :)
                     Aaron and Hensley at lunch

Kevin and Hensley playing after lunch

And while the weekend didn't stop here in a way this where it began for me. At this lunch I got some great advice and learned a few lessons from someone I would never expect. And thus another adventure that weekend was born. But that will be explained next time :)

Bringing up a family should be an adventure --Milton R. Saperstein

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