Thursday, March 1, 2012

Being a Mother Is......

I came across this video a few days ago on Facebook and thought it was very touching. As mothers we carry so much guilt on a daily bases over things that are really out of our control. With so many "mompetitors" these days it makes it very easy for mothers to feel inadequate. We always feel we have to cook amazing meals every single night, keep a spotless house, well mannered children, up to date on the latest pop culture and news, be crafty, be stylish, WORK!, be involved in EVERYTHING, stay connected with friends....the list is never ending. We strive so hard to be the best and be a super mom when those expectations are impossible. More and more often in today's world when you go out to ask advice about baby food, or sleeping at night, or potty training so many moms, instead of giving uplifting encouraging advice, will telly ou how quickly and easy their children picked up on it or how their children slept through the night from day one, or how they made all their baby food from scratch everyday.

The mommy world is not always easy especially when you also wear the hats of wife, friend, co worker, etc. So when you find something like this video that makes your breathe a little easier knowing you are not alot it feels pretty awesome :)

Enjoy your Thursday! :)


  This is what makes me breathe a little easier each and every day :)

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