Thursday, February 16, 2012

Third Week of Feb already???!!!!!

Jan 2012: Started my blog....was so happy excited to see what i would write next.....

skip to almost a month later....i haven't written a single thing! UGH! back on track with it :)

I plan on eventually including all the amazing events and memories we have with Hensley before i started this blog....EVENTUALLY lol

But for now I just want to get this year (so far) caught up. Hensley has slowly over the past month started to seem like my little "boy" instead of my little "baby" :( if you know me you know this is an extremely hard thing :(  As his third birthday fastly appraoches he is talking up a storm, being more indepentdant, and .....wait for it........POTTY TRAINING!!!!!!

I have read "How to Potty Train Your Child in One Day" HA! I have looked on several websites for tips and tricks, bribes, schdules, etc......and I have realized Hensley is just on his own path when it comes to this adventure. He'll sit on the potty all day if I let him but 9 times out of 10.....nothing comes out :/ I guess I need to be thankful he is cooroperating at all lol!

With that said there have been triumphs!! We have had one poop and one pee :) The poop was very traumatic for him :) (hes a hiding pooper usually) so being exposed was a little tough for him.

He is so obsessed with any sport involving a ball ( he starts t-ball in april ahhhhhhh) his blue monkey muno (from yo gabba gabba) and girafee. THEY GO EVERYWHERE HE GOES! Esspeically Blue Monkey. The poor monkey has been in the ocean, taking more baths then he'll ever need, been thrown out the car window....the list goes on! I can't to show Hensley that blue monkey one day when hes long outgrown him :) He brings him so much comfort and security.....and FUN! With Hensley STILL holding on to the the paci I am so thankful he has attached on to some other items....HOPEFULLY making the transition to no paci easier.

GOAL: no paci and potty trained (or really close) by his birthday! Stay away March 31st ...we need all the time we can get! :)

Off to part planning! It will def be an adventure to remember :) As they all are!

                          oh yeah...hes in love with pirates...this is pirate face....saying ARRRRRR

                                                              in big boy underwear :)

 our living room after a fun filled morning :)

                                                                    my heart and soul :)

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  1. Inspiring to read about the baby boy I've slowly watched grow since he was so tiny!!