Wednesday, April 22, 2015

All you need is FAITH, TRUST, and a little PIXIE DUST

The day we had been anticipating for months has finally come....Hensley finally lost this first tooth!!!!!
This tooth had been loose for MONTHS! I became loose around Thanksgiving and here we are 5 months later! I was beginning to think it was NEVER coming out. 

Slowly over the past few weeks (and a little hard yank from Dad one night) it became really loose. Hensley was constantly playing with it and wiggling it with his tongue. It had gotten to the point where he could lay it completely flat but.....he wasn't ready for us to pull it. I think he was a little nervous and scared to be going through something totally new to him. When we noticed his permanent tooth was already starting to come in behind his baby tooth we knew it was time for it to go!

As you can tell from the photos he was BEYOND excited!!!

I had printed these out a few weeks before in order for Hensley to write the tooth fairy a little note :) 

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He loved it. He wrote his note and promptly stuck it under his pillow.

He was so excited for the rest of the day and for a change.... he was very ready for it be bed time that night!

 It was such a sweet memory I'll forever treasure. All these little milestones are what it's all about!

That next morning I awoke (at 5:45 AM) with Hensley standing beside my bed BEAMING holding all his goodies from the Tooth Fairy! He was so excited. We looked at his glittery 5 dollar bill and read his not that was left behind. And promptly went back to sleep for a few more minutes!

He was very excited to take his items to school for showing tell that day. It was so fun for me to see the excitement and magic in his eyes. I love that he believes with all his heart. I love that his little innocence is still so present.

A few days later as we were getting ready for Hensley's 6th birthday party we had another surprise! Tooth #2 popped out :)


The Tooth Fairy left a special little treat this time around of three chocolate coins :) Hensley loved them! 

It's been a really sweet experience 

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