Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hippity Hoppity Easter day is here!

Happy Easter!
We had a great few days of Easter fun this past weekend spent with family and friends :) 

At school this week Hensley's class had a lot of fun with parties and egg hunts! I think out of all the fun things happening he was the most happy to have his Granny there with him :) They had a great Easter breakfast party and colored and decorated Easter egg prints and then it was outside of the egg hunt :) With over 400 eggs it was a great time :) 

It was a busy day but overall a great one. We were so excited to leave a little early because it was the official first day of spring break!!!

We came home to a surprise one afternoon. My dad had dropped off a little Easter basket for Hensley! We were also really excited about the break from school because Granny and Pawpaw would be home from Texas for a while! We spent alot of time with them :) More on that later ;)

We spent the Sunday before Easter at our old church watching Hensley's cousin Brooke preform in a really great play on the meaning of Easter :) She did a wonderful job. (I totally forgot my camera) and we also celebrated MawMaw Williams birthday at our favorite restaurant where I also failed to take any photos :( 

Afterwards we headed to a local egg hunt with our friends. You would think 4000 eggs would take a while to pick up but about 45 seconds about they shouted "GO!" all the eggs were collected :) 

Soon it was Easter and Hensley hopped into bed early after helping me get the house in order for our big family lunch the next day! Time for the Easter bunny to arrive :) 

We couldn't wait to see Hensley's face :) 

I would say the Easter Bunny knew was he was doing with this basket! Hensley loved everything inside.

We had planned a big Easter lunch with our families at our house that day to celebrate not only Easter but also Andys mom's birthday as well as an early celebration for my grandpa's birthday. It was quite a feast and we all had a really good time eating, talking and spending time together :)

We really reflected as a family about the meaning of Easter this year and what it means to us, not only about how important family is and how special it is to spend quality time together but also what Jesus did for us and how so very undeserving we are of that sacrifice. We spent time with Hensley explaining to him why we celebrate this three day period now that he can sort of begin to understand.

Later that evening we headed over to our friends the Williams' family and had dinner and an Easter egg hunt :)

 It was a fabulous Easter and we are so thankful we got to spend it with those we love the most :) :)

Happy Easter 2015!

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