Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday Little Man!

How has another year passed already?! 
This year Hensley's birthday seemed to come so quickly after the holidays. Luckily for us Hensley told us last year a place he REALLY wanted to have his birthday party and they do it ALL! 
I didn't have to do all the planning and work this year and I'll tell you, it's the way to go! I wasn't up stressing over decorations, or buying lots of treat bag items. It was awesome! And honestly it was such a more enjoyable day. 

Hensley decided a while back he wanted to celebrate this year at Airbound Trampoline Park. He had been a birthday there before and really enjoyed himself. I really was pushing for a Lego theme this year because I had seen some really awesome projects on Pinterest but Hensley had other plans. He really wanted Minecraft theme and in hind sight I really glad. It was so easy! And he REALLY loved it! 
Once I called and was told that they do everything for you besides cake and balloons, I was IN!

Since we were providing so much fun this year we decided against treat bags. I put together a few fruit trays, popped some popcorn, bought a few bags of chips and ordered a cake :) DONE! 

 I bought this white shirt at Walmart and ordered the iron on online for 3 bucks!! It was perfect!!!

We sent out invites to all his friends, reserved a spot at the trampoline park and we were ready for the big day! :) I was also using a new lady for the birthday cake this year and I was super nervous about it. I made a big mistake of showing Hensley all the Minecraft cakes on Pinterest and he picked the most elaborate of course. I would expect nothing less!
Hensley and his buddy Hunter

         How cute is he! 

He was very happy to dive right in.

 All my stress about the cake was for nothing. It turned out perfect :) Better then expected!

Hensley was pretty excited to have his Pawpaw home for his party and to get his special Texas hat!

 Basketball being one of Hensley's new obsessions was a big hit for him :)

Hensley and his best buddy Gabe :) Friends since preschool!

Time to eat!!! The best part! We had lots of snacks and a fruit tray as well as pizza :) 

My favorite shot of the day! All Hensley's wonderful friends. Something I have prayed about since he was so so little is that during the course of his life he would make true, wonderful, lifelong friends who lift him up and love him and I so believe that each and every year new friends are added to the old ones to continue to grow this amazing little group of kids :) He is one lucky and loved little boy. 

Time for CAKE!!! It was almost too cool to cut! 

In true Hensley fashion he wanted to cut it himself.

Present time!!!

I didn't get a ton of photos of the presents being opened because it was so busy. But he got a ton of gifts and he loved them all so much. Everyone really went out of there way to get him really great gifts and he appreciated it so so much!!!

He asked for a sleep over with his pal Gabe and they had a ton of fun :)

It was truly a great day and reminded me how blessed we are and how loved Hensley is. He makes friends wherever he goes and I hope one day he looks back on all these birthday memories and remembers how much he is loved and just how many good people he has in his life :)

Since his birthday party was several days before his actual birthday there was still more celebrating to be had :)

Special birthday breakfast..his favorite blueberry muffins and cantaloupe.

His birthday fell on a Tuesday which was a school day. He got to wear a special hat and his whole class sang to him. Most kids bring cupcakes to school on their birthday but Hensley wanted Krispy Kreme doughnuts which was just fine with me :)

Later that evening Granny and Pawpaw came over because we had planned to go out to dinner with some family for one last celebration. They brought a very special gift Hensley had been wanting :) A TRICK BIKE!!!

Aunt Jill and Mawmaw and Poppy came over too and gifted Hensley a new Razor scooter he had been wanting! Hensley seriously racked up this year!!! We all went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for kids night :) We ate good food with great people plus they were making balloon animals :) Hensley requested a a sword and a puppy :) They even brought him ice cream and sang to him :) I didn't take any photos and I so wish I had!! It was really a great time. 

I did find this one photo of him opening his scooter! 

It was a week long celebration when it was all said and done. It was the best birthday year yet (but I think I say that every year)!

Happy Birthday my sweet boy :)

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